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Saturday, May 29, 2004

are caterpillars afraid of dogs?

i was reading the contents of one of my mailboxes when i chanced upon this thread and was reminded (again!) of one very hilarious booboo i've done. hehehe... read on, i don't wanna spoil this for you.

To: ayla...
From: AC AYLC Query Center
Subject: your memorable AYLC moments

the AYLC has been around for five years... what would be your most unforgettable AYLC moment?

sige nga... the best AYLC moment will get a prize. promise.


From: V... K...
Reply To: ayla...
Sent: Saturday, January 25, 2003 4:53 PM
To: ayla...
Subject: Re: [ayla] your memorable AYLC moments

hmmm...memorable moment

just something i'd like to share:
during my AYLC interview...towards the end of it, the panel asked me if there was something about myself i'd like to tell them...and i just blurted out "well, i'm afraid of dogs." (bwahahahahaha) looking back, i can't help but laugh at myself (i laughed then, and i'm laughing at myself now...there i was, being interviewed so the panel could decide if i should be counted in and i just said something so... i don't know what the panel thought :) ) ...after all, anong connection nu'n sa AYLC???? anyway, a day after that interview, on our way back to Mindanao...i remember doi laureto saying something like "maybe that's what will get you in..." :) mwehehehehe....

AYLC in Tagaytay: the entire AYLC experience is the
most memorable moment in my life!

i remember...
...crossing the "high Y" and doing "impromptu acrobatics" when i fell (thank God for the safety ropes!!!)
...seeing blindfolded mitch as she climbed up the wall and reached the top ahead of the two "guide" guys she was climbing with (hwekhwekhwek)
...running with my outdoor groupmates to get away from the smoke caused by the "bush fire" (i thought the whole "smoke thing" was part of the challenge courses!!!)
...having fun and conquering (again!) my fear of heights during the challenge courses (whooohooo!!!)
...talking in the dark with my indoor group (Group 7 of AYLC 2002) hey, it was beyond our control that the lights went out!....and ooops, sorry i can't disclose what we talked about...right, dines? jane? maloy? sam? gen? yen? paul? cat?
...our group's "ala Coca Cola" song and dance presentation (weeee! we got a special prize!!)
...posing with the great man, Sir Mose!!! (i have the pic!!)
...hearing praises for our batch (since AYLC 2002 happened to be the first batch of AYLC people who sat "in rows" during that day we arrived in Tagaytay...)
...hearing the wonderful speeches (hmmm, mga tagos-sa-puso...as in ;) )
...meeting promising individuals and hearing the stories of wonderful people (my AYLC FAMILY...JZA, JAZA, FZA, Sir Mose, Sir Benjie, Reanna, and all those i've met in Tagaytay...mwah! mwah!)
...trying to have our pix taken at every opportunity we could find hehehe...(common ata to sa lahat ng AYLC batches!)
...being touched by the solemnity of the fire ceremony at the helipad (nabulol tuloy ako during the oathtaking coz i was fighting back tears)

well, in just 3 days, so many things happened, so many things seen and learned...

AYLC's fun, an eye-opener, an ultimate experience...i'd love to be there again!

Sadly, i can't join you this feb 4-8. :(

...but maybe i can...some other time :)

Kulit Katrine
AYLC 2002


From: ALI-EXCH Mossesgeld, SC
Reply To: ayla...
Sent: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 22:02:26 +0800
To: ayla...
Subject: Re: [ayla] your memorable AYLC moments


Reading your interview moment made me really laugh. I cant' believe you blurted out something like that. But maybe it was you being very "real" that got you in!!!

Reading your many memories during the congress brought back so many
memories of my own... It has been a wonderful past four years for me -- thanks to all of you I have met and become friends with through the AYLC.

Sir Mose
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D
but seriously, are caterpillars afraid of dogs? i mean, those yellow-green, lengthy blob-looking creatures...are they afraid of dogs, too? i'm just wondering, you know.

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  1. hurray! you have a blog! hehe i don't advertise mine but i do have one. sealdi has one too, that is if you don't already know. happy weekend! :)


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