"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Monday, May 04, 2015


"To see a man beaten not by a better opponent 
but by himself is a tragedy."
 -- Cus D'Amato

boxing is a sport, yes, but, like modern-day wars, it's also a business. people can only wish for a great fight but there's no guarantee at all.

when a boxing match is touted as the "fight of the century" (never mind that it's just 15 years into this century), you can't blame people for expecting a mayweather-pacquiao bout to be something like an ali-frazier slugfest or even better. unfortunately, this "fight of the century" failed to live up to the hype and this is not surprising. quite predictably, mayweather won by taking advantage of a strategy that does not make him lose points in the game, anyway, but takes away the very idea of boxing as a contact sport of throwing power punches and not so much about turning far too many opportunities into the art of hugging and running about in the ring. still, congratulations floyd mayweather, jr.!

i am writing this and i am not even a fan of boxing. i just happen to read many, many months ago about the muhammad ali-joe frazier boxing matches, especially the anecdotes on the "thrilla in manila" (ali-frazier 3); check them out online then you'll have an idea or two of what a "fight of the century" should at least be. 

i was hoping mayweather would step up his game a bit in this boxing match to make things worthwhile for the boxing fans but it's like asking for the moon and stars -- he's just self-absorbed that way and, good for him, his boxing style lets him stay undefeated. his style, by the way, reminds me of winning any contest by mere technicalities, not by a spectacular display of excellence to raise the bar.

at best, i've only seen pictures of the mayweather-pacquiao match; i haven't seen any of the videos -- i don't have to. oh no! if it's just another one of those boxing matches with no KO's nor remarkable exchanges of punches, i don't have to watch otherwise it's just like reading a story with no climax nor cliffhangers, eating spaghetti without meatballs, drinking expired soda -- no fizz -- (and they all remind me of that biblical latin phrase "mane thecel phares" quoted in el filibusterismo) -- not worth the while, a waste of time.

i learned about how things were like during the mayweather-pacquiao bout mostly from facebook posts, which made it easy for me to imagine how mayweather played it like he always does because i've seen clips of his previous fights and there's nothing special in his wins -- his smart style of securing the win is boring. pacquiao, on the other hand, knows how to give a great show when he's in the ring, win or lose.

unsurprisingly, mayweather arrogantly claimed that he did more for boxing than muhammad ali BUT, if being the announced winner who got heavily booed by the crowd is any indication, this is just him and his money team shamelessly and desperately plugging his 'TBE' business. despite his undefeated record, the crowd and the other greats wouldn't readily serve glory and greatness to him. 

05.03.15 it's a pacman world today!

win or lose, it's how you play the game, how you do business. in deserving greatness, the HOW matters. :) congratulations manny pacquiao!

note: this was originally posted here.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

blacklight (ultraviolet light) plus philippine passport pages

"The only reason people do not know much is because they do not care to know. They are incurious. Incuriosity is the oddest
and most foolish failing there is."

--Stephen Fry

1st day of april 2015 
once upon a wednesday

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! thanks to the tip that i got from ate bambit, i found out about the interesting images that are embedded on the pages of our passports. 

thanks also to that viral article showing the images revealed by ultraviolet light (a.k.a. blacklight) on the pages of the canadian passport! ate bambit got curious and she wondered if there's something similarly interesting in philippine passports that we can see with blacklight, too. surprise, surprise... there are! she shared some pics and i got really interested so i went looking for a handy blacklight.

-- some of the blacklight treats in philippine passports -- 

here are some of the images from my old and my new passports (yep, even the old one!). these are all mobile shots so bear with the quality. 

departure and arrival stamps on my old passport
note: china really prefers to use red :)

i was surprised to find out that even those entry-exit stamps we get upon departure and arrival light up with blacklight... ohhh so they use special ink for those stamps.

this represents the generic look of the pages
of my old passport under blacklight
several lines of the passport issuing agency's name in filipino and in english
with the letters written all caps in normal and mirror-orientation
above the page number and a featured image at the bottom

those passport pages are not plain-looking at all! blacklight reveals that all the pages in the philippine passport have something other than the passport number and logo.

in my old passport (maroon and machine-readable; issued in 2008), all pages on the right face of every spread bear the image of the national flower of the philippines, the sampaguita. the photo which appears before this paragraph is page 42 and the left face of the last spread of my old passport. page 42 bears the image of the 2000-year old banaue rice terraces, a national cultural treasure of the philippines.

some of the images featured on the pages of the machine-readable passport:

sampaguita, kalesa, philippine jeepney, and abaca

rizal monument (manila), intramuros (old walled city of manila), barasoain church (malolos, bulacan),
and the colorful vintas (zamboanga)

bicolandia's mayon volcano and bohol's chocolate hills

both my old and new passports have a panoramic image of the malacañang palace on the centerfold. in my old passport, after the centerfold, the right face images from the previous pages were just used again. 

the centerfold image of the machine-readable passport
malacañang palace

unlike the old passport, my new passport (e-passport; issued in 2012) packs more and bears a unique image on every page -- representing stuff from northernmost batanes to southwesternmost tawi-tawi and from palawan in the west to surigao in the east!

some of the images featured on the pages of the e-passport:

stone houses (batanes), paoay church (ilocos norte), calle crisologo (vigan, ilocos sur),
and banaue rice terraces (ifugao)
bamboo organ (las piñas), the big guns of battery way (corregidor island),
mayon volcano and cagsawa ruins (bicol), and mines view park (baguio)

blood compact shrine (bohol), san juanico bridge (samar-leyte),
gen. macarthur and company landing memorial (palo, leyte), and lapu-lapu monument (cebu)

i am delighted that iligan city and tawi-tawi share a spread in the e-passport. on page 18 is an image of the maria cristina falls and on page 19 is the image of the sheikh makhdum masjid, which stands on the site of the oldest mosque in the philippines in simunul island, tawi-tawi.

images of mindanao in my new passport
maria cristina falls (iligan city) and sheikh makhdum mosque (tawi-tawi)

because i'm from iligan city, page 18 deserves a highlight in this post! hihihi.

presenting... the blacklight look of the 18th page of my new passport
iligan city's maria cristina falls 

another image of mindanao in my new passport
surigao's day-asan footbridge

well, if you think that this post is an april fool's day prank, get a uv lamp or uv penlight and see for yourself!

in my honest opinion, it's really a must-try! you won't be disappointed unless your passport is fake. hahaha.

post scripts:
(1) all the blacklight images 'hidden' in the machine-readable passport are already embedded in this post. i selected only a few from the pages of the e-passport but here's the list of featured blacklight images from that newer and better version: rizal monument, banaue rice terraces, bonifacio monument, vigan (calle crisologo), leyte landing memorial, chocolate hills, mayon volcano, corregidor, mines view park, blood compact shrine, day-asan footbridge (surigao), lapu-lapu monument, san juanico bridge, windmills of bangui, maria cristina falls, simunul island mosque, cultural center of the philippines, aguinaldo shrine, malacañang palace, san agustin church, taal volcano, fort santiago, san sebastian church, tubbataha reef, manila city hall, fort san pedro, barasoain church, national museum, callao cave, miag-ao church, limestone cliff (el nido, palawan), fort pilar, mt. apo, las piñas bamboo organ, people power monument, mt. samat shrine, underground river of palawan, batanes stone houses, paoay church, and the makati business district.

(2) with blacklight, philippine passport pages appear more interesting than philippine bills. i used to think that it was the other way around.

blacklight + PhP 20 bill
except for the serial number on the bill's front face,
nothing else really interesting lights up
so here's the back side

blacklight + PhP 100 bill
same case as the PhP 20 bill -- except for the serial number on the bill's front face,
nothing really interesting lights up
so here's the back side

Friday, December 19, 2014

snow people

"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories."
-- from the 1957 movie, An Affair to Remember

they finally showed up!

the adorable family that greeted me on my way to the laboratory
fukui city in japan

as much as i want to take credit for these 3 delightful snow creatures, i have to say that i'm not the one who made them. i merely saw them while i was walking to our research building. the bigger ones stood no higher than my knees but they're such head-turners and i was won over right-away by their cuteness. needless to say, seeing them made my day!

i'm glad that i stopped and took the time to capture this picture. when i passed by the same area on my way home tonight, only the left one was left standing. the right one was already headless and the baby was... i don't know... kidnapped?

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

a glimpse of japanese culture: chanoyu

"If man has no tea in him, 
he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty."
-- Japanese Proverb

noun \¦chänō¦yü\
"a Japanese ceremony consisting of the serving and taking of tea in accordance with an elaborate ritual"

once upon a japanese tea ceremony in fukui-shi

this afternoon, i took a very short break and attended a summer tea ceremony. we ate mochi and drank green tea. both mochi and green tea were prepared and served according to japanese tradition.

by observation, i learned some key points...

they bow every time they approach to serve or to retrieve items from the guest, the guest acknowledges every time with a bow.

they turn the tea bowl 2, 3 times before serving the tea to the guest, the guest does the same before and after drinking -- this has everything to do with aesthetics and not superstition.

the guest who gets served first receives his tea in the most valuable bowl. with significance comes great pressure because all eyes are on this guest (trick: know where to sit and avoid the first chair. for this matter, know which is the "first" chair.)

the teapot, the tea whisk, the tea cups, all have their stories. all things related to the tea ceremony, including the chabana (tea flower arrangement) and the wall decor (calligraphic scroll), are meticulously chosen and done. no element is there by whim or random chance.

the host is usually female. it is a rare occasion when a male is the master of the tea ceremony.

the hosts don't just master the art, skills, grace, and discipline required to perform the various tasks that they do, they also speak with a higher degree of politeness -- definitely more polite compared to the already polite japanese form (there's "casual form" for everyday conversation with friends and equals, there's polite form, and there are also more polite forms.) because the tea ceremony is also about respect, the guests are expected to adhere to this level of politeness and exhibit social finesse.

my participation in the tea ceremony allowed me to have the experience but it didn't transform me into someone very capable of serving tea the japanese way. at best, i merely gained more insights on what transpires during the tea ceremony and on what the hosts and guests do before, during, and after. even for the role of a simple guest, i still have a lot to learn about the tea ceremony. this goes with saying that a whole lot more is expected from me if i were to be a host.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

that alice in wonderland moment

"the days are long but the years are short." 

indeed, they are. 

today, i'm officially 10 years old... 
in blogging years!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

the fukui, japan version

"We write to taste life twice,
in the moment and in retrospect."
-- Anais Nin

the 11.06.13 photo entry to my album of "firsts" in japan:
a photo of my right knee with my temporary souvenirs from an accidental stunt :D

on 11.07.13, i wrote...

the last time i posted a photo similar to this one was more than 7 years ago, when i got bruises and abrasions after i fell from a stationary ikot jeepney in UP diliman on my way to the old NIP building. :) now, THIS: the fukui, japan version! ;-)

yesterday morning, just before i reached the university, i *earned* these bruises on my right knee and another minor one on my left knee because i crashed my bicycle.

i was going slowly and was further slowing down as i manoeuvred my bicycle to join the lane of bikers waiting to cross the intersection just in front of the university's main gate. i don't know what exactly happened but i lost my balance and, unfortunately, failed to regain it.

there was a loud crash when my bicycle and i fell on the roadside.

i quickly got up and i quickly pulled my bicycle back up, too -- as if nothing happened even though i instantly felt intense pain in some parts of my body and my bike's basket got so obviously distorted due to the impact. part of me wanted to laugh out loud because i personally found my situation so funny on such a fine autumn morning. :) at the same time, i had this thought in 3 languages in my mind: ouch, that hurt; embarrassing, too / aray, ang sakit; nakakahiya / agay, kasakit; kaulaw oi. :D thank goodness, the people here are so polite and able to react with a collective show of nonchalance -- i was saved from further embarrassment. :D i looked around and saw nobody gawking at me. :)

as soon as i reached my parking spot within the university grounds, i fixed my bicycle's basket back into shape and checked my knees before i went to my morning classes. i was relieved to see no wounds but, with all the pain i was feeling, i was sure bruises here and there were starting to form. last night when i got home and saw the bruises, i understood better why i was still feeling intense body pains several hours after the accident. i managed to go about my activities for the day as if nothing happened though. :D

i don't mind having some action adventures but i think i have had enough of accidental stunts. i pray that yesterday's surprise "stunt" will be my first and last here. angsakitsakitkaya!

04.01.14 biking during a fine spring day along sakura-dori | fukui city, japan
the accident never stopped me from riding my bicycle :)

note: i arrived in japan for graduate studies on september 26, 2013. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

piled higher and deeper

"The early bird gets the worm,
but the second mouse gets the cheese."
--Author Unknown

x X x
"paranormal x-ray" for dental and facial structure imaging. what in the world is "paranormal x-ray"?!? :)

my "bangag" moment of the day (yeah, i know that it's just lunchtime and the day is far from over): i meant "panoramic x-ray" but i mentioned "paranormal x-ray" ...TWICE! parang pang espiritista x-ray lang??? hahaha. buti isa lang ang kausap ko pero super laugh trip pa rin. ang hirap maka-get over. hehe.

now, there's a worthy addition to this compilation which i made sometime in 2012...

- calcu, letter blue, atbp.

ang mga sumusunod ay totoong nangyari recently, magkakaibang instances naman pero... basta... read on. pumi-PhD na yata ako sa pagiging bangag.

eksena 1: calcu
isang umaga sa R&D cube

ako (habang tinampal-tampal at kinakamot ang braso, may something itchy) to teammate 1: oist, pahingi naman ng calcu (sabay turo sa isang malaking bote ng green cross isopropyl alcohol). 
teammate 1: ha? (magbubukas na ng drawer, kukuha ng calcu kaso natigilan) pakiulit.
ako: pahingi ngang calcu. pahingi n'yan (turo sa alcohol).
teammate 1: anong sabi mo, calcu?

*bwahahaha* *tawanan*

oo nga naman, ang layo ng calcutor sa alcohol. anoveh. tsaka ang calcu, hinihiram lang, hindi hinihingi.

eksena 2: kape
isang umaga ulit sa R&D cube 

ako (kararating lang) to teammate 1: tara, kape. igib. (igib ang term namin sa simpleng pagkuha ng tubig sa pantry.)
teammate 1: tara. igib.

niyaya din namin si teammate 2. ready na sila agad. 

ako: wait lang. (kumuha ng something sa pocket ng bag) game! (sabay kukuha na lang ng mug at tumbler.) 
teammate 1: kala ko ba sabi mo kape. bakit toothpaste ang bibitbitin mo?

so tumingin ako sa something na kakukuha ko lang sa bag -- shucks, toothpaste nga! (tsaka, ang mga sachets ng kape ay naka-store sa drawer ko at hindi sa pocket ng bag.) wow lang!

*bwahahaha* *tawanan* 

eksena 3: after last LSS (lean six sigma) class
sa hallway palabas ng planta 

teammate: kumusta naman kayo sa taas kanina? (ang class ay nasa second floor)
ako: ok lang. activity namin kanina ay related sa motivation and personalities. letter blue ako.
teammate: ano 'yon?
ako: ang letter blue personality, ma-technical, kelangan ng detalye, mabusisi
teammate: letter blue? parang alphabet lang?
ako: (pause) shucks! hindi letter blue. color blue.
teammate: sabi mo letter blue. narinig ko.

enggggkkkk. walang bawian! letter blue kung letter blue!

*bwahahaha* *tawanan*

ano ba, val, pang-ilan mo na 'yan?

eksena 4: password
isang hapon sa R&D cube, break time na dapat 

teammate: break.
ako: tara. kelangan ko din kasi ng password.
teammate: ano? password? para saan?
ako: kelangan ko ng password!! (sabay pakita sa ATM card) 
teammate: ha?

tengneneng! ang gusto ko palang sabihin ay... kelangan kong mag-withdraw. ang labo!!!

*bwahahaha* *tawanan*

eksena 5: orange
team weekend bonding sa shell tabangao 

ako (papunta sa kitchen counter, nadaanan si teammate 3 na nagsasalin ng orange liquid sa transparent na baso): wow, orange! (sa isip ko orange... juice.) ano 'yan, sprite?
teammate 2: huh?
teammate 3: hindi. royal.
teammate 2: kitang orange, tapos, sprite?
ako: ha?
teammate 3: hindi 'to sprite. royal tru orange 'to.

*bwahahaha* *tawanan*

ako: oo nga, no? ba't ko nga ba sinabing sprite?

ohmaigulai. pinagbabayaran ko na yata ang pambabara ko kay sir mel noong minsang tinawag n'yang spaghetti ang macaroni. aba, hindi pwede. hahaha!

eksena 6: listerine
after lunch break 

ako: (may kinuhang maliit na bote sa bag, binitbit sa ladies room. kru kru. binuksan ang bote kaso...) hmmm, ba't kelangan kong i-flip ang listerine cap para mabuksan?

tumingin ako sa bote at nanlaki ang mata. shucks! muntikan na!!! ang hawak-hawak ko ay... bote ng green cross sanitizing gel na sinalinan ko ng rubbing alcohol. disclaimer: di po ako suicidal. nag-autopilot lang.

when i shared this to my teammates, ayun, bonggang tawanan na lang ulit. wag ko daw sarilinin problema ko. haha.

07.06.12 isang matinding note to self: umayos ka.
green cross sanitizing gel na sinalinan ng rubbing alcohol

ay hindi listerine. (--,)

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