"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Thursday, June 17, 2004

because this caterpillar is weird

if you find this entry weird, it's not surprising! this entry, this site, this whole thing is weird. i mean, it should be weird...because it's supposed to be weird, just like the way i am...WEIRD! *giggles*
bed buddies
  • i slept with spiderman last month
  • this month, i'm sleeping with prince eric
  • i slept with piglet last month
  • this month, i'm sleeping with the little mermaid, flounder, and piglet
  • i slept with hello kitty last month (yikes!!! hello kitty! ulk!)
  • this month, i'm sleeping with hello kitty (double yikes! double ulk!)

spiderman, prince eric, little mermaid, and flounder - they all belong to my sheets.

piglet - stuck on my comfy round pillow, the one pillow i brought all the way from iligan.

hello kitty on my pillow case - i think i should replace it with the sunflowers soooooooon. never mind that i don't like sunflowers either...but yeah, i'd choose them over hello kitty, think about that!

spiderman, prince eric, little mermaid, flounder, piglet, and...ulk...hello kitty - together, they keep me company and scare toshio the borax-faced boy (of the grudge/ju-on fame)away. in the dead of the night, especially when my roommate is nowhere near, they somehow help in keeping my (in)sanity under control. *rolls on the floor laughing* 

by the way, i think harry potter would make a good guardian bedmate. when the dementors start coming to get me, his patronus charm will do the trick and save me. *giggles*. thinking further, toshio the borax-faced boy will fall for harry the boy who lived, and they will live happily ever after. nice twist, huh? *laughs impishly*  

caterpillar chuva-ness aside from learning physics and teaching physics

okay fine...i'm guilty! i admit: i'm a nerd and proud to be one. satisfied?! i think so! you're silent...guess i can continue.

  • i'm currently reading broca's brain by carl sagan. if you don't know who carl sagan is, that's just okay. (there's always google for you!) *winks*
  • this attempt at blogging is doing wonders for me. i'm beginning to understand a little bit (according to my own reckoning) of html coding. yehey! i'm learning! can't wait 'til i get enough patience (and time) to learn how to photoblog! i'll talk about my baguio trip through a photoblog, you just wait.
  • i'm currently interested with ambigrams - words or group of words that are legible in at least two different ways. dan brown's angels and demons book is to blame!
  • i've been going to the bookshops, looking for the "full-of-geeky-stuff" (my friend's description) book entitled cryptonomicon by neal stephenson. those bookstore people keep telling me it's out of stock. uh-oh, forget that i'm so eager to get hold of a copy of that book!
  • i miss screaming while watching scary, not-so-scary and not-scary-at-all movies, the sticky floors cinemas, and the oh-so-comfy-but-oh-so-"heavy-for-the-pockets" cinemas. ah, but i see hope...there are filmfests to look forward to!!! yes, yes, yes! i can enjoy screamfests again! yes, yes, yes! i have reasons to live... and to understand quantum dots are one of them! oh my... thesis! *PANIC ATTACK*

question of the moment

why do i love doing the things that i love doing? honestly, right now, i deem it as a pointless question but weird being that i am, i wouldn't mind if you provide me with answers. talk while i'm taking a breather!


  1. i also started with zero knowledge of html language. but, eventually, i got the hang of it... trial and error ra gyud!:) and, now i'm mighty proud of how my blog looks like, however simple it is, because it's my own creation.

    as for photoblogging, you need to find a site that provides free picture posting or where you could keep your photos for free. and then, you can post the link along with your entry. it's too bad that the site i use doesn't offer free picture posting anymore.

    btw, si diane ni... diane nga taga-sanggumay. hehehe:) basin diay ug daghan ka'g kaila nga diane!:) i'll link you up, ok?:)

  2. hala uy! it's much easier na man diay karon to choose good templates, 'no? i mean blogger offers LOOooTS of templates to choose from. gosh! when i started, there were only 6 template designs to choose from (puro white ug very simple ra gyud) so that if you wanted your blog to be nicer and/or different, you'll have to figure out for yourself how to do that! karon kay naa na'y mga bag-o nga templates. wow! pero i won't change my template gihapon... sentimental reasons.:)


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