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Sunday, September 26, 2004

some updates

number 1
a.k.a. the note

when i got back to my room in front of the kitchen last night, i saw the note my roommate left for me on top of my laptop, and it said:

interesting day today:

1. I went to this place that feels like the end of the world:
- it smells like garbage + pigshit
- no water source at all

2. my P1000 girbaud bag got slashed by a bastard, in a campus jeep ha! it's a good thing my bag has a lining so he wasn't able to get my phone + wallet. I confronted him! but my favorite bag is ruined! waaa. (story on Tuesday *smiles*)

roommate is in los baños. she spends her weekends there. so, the blow by blow account of her interesting saturday would have to wait until tuesday, when she gets back. knowing her, items #1 and #2 mentioned on her note would definitely be interesting(!) to hear about. sheesh. i can't wait.

i'm wondering what place she is talking about in item #1. she's been to places like payatas as part of her previous work, but she has never said anything like that about the places she's been to. she talks about the people though. hmmmm...where could that place be this time?

item #2 is quite alarming, and i have three reasons why (aside from the fact that we're talking about her favorite bag). first, because it happened in a campus jeep! second, because my roommate couldn't afford to lose her cellular phone nor her wallet. not now. third, because it happened on a weekend. hehehe... the third has something to do with "our" twisted way of thinking about murphy's law working on "us" during weekends (so, you can just overlook that, thanks).


number 2
a.k.a. the eyes

as planned, i went to the optical clinic yesterday to have my eyes checked. check up results say that the blurry sight of street lights and stuff last september 22 was due to a -500 vision-impaired left eye and a -275 defective right eye. hehehe, i think i'm going blind (ay! wag naman po sana! i'm just trying to appease myself the wicked way *winks*).

as usual, the doctor told me that due to the imbalance (read: the discrepancy between 500 and 275, tsk tsk), she couldn't prescribe lenses that could fully correct my vision. i would have to settle for a -350 lens on my left and a -225 lens on my right. otherwise, i would still be seeing oh so poorly: no better choice between blurred and double vision. well, it's just okay with me, i'm used to hearing such kind of stuff; it's the same thing the eye doctor in iligan told me eons ago.


number 3
a.k.a. the plug

the 2004 search for the ten outstanding students of the philippines (TOSP) will be on october 14 to october 21.

TOSP is an annual search that is aimed at recognizing filipino students who can be held as role models for others: students who exemplify academic excellence, exemplary leadership, good moral values, and determination to serve. 30 national finalists coming from all over the country will be brought together for a formation process focused on team and community building that will harness their potential to be catalysts for action and involvement.

celebrate... affirm... inspire...
some pictures taken during the 2003 search

during a break in the formation program at balai taal, tagaytay

whose hands are being held by whom's hands?

everyone's connected, we are interconnected

last year's 30 finalists at malacañang palace


number 4


yeah, i know, i know. it's on the 29th. gimingaw nakog tubig og lechon sa iligan! hahaha. that's all for now.


  1. my friends got held up while n a UP-philcoa jeep. grabe, 'no? pasalamat na lang ta nga wa p ta kasulay ana.

    originally posted on 09.27.04 - 3:02 am using Haloscan comment board

  2. ug unta dili ta makasulay ever. kakulba ba.

    originally posted on 09.27.04 - 5:14 am using Haloscan comment board

  3. a girbaud bag? sayanga oi! i'm willing to bet that you're gonna be included in that TOSP list. fiesta na ugma val! daghan na au concerts diri oi, halos every week someone's coming! this week ang hotbabes, not that i'd watch them but still. next month, nina, nyoy, paolo santos, bamboo and parokya are all coming! whopee! hehehe

    originally posted on 09.28.04 - 1:36 pm using Haloscan comment board

  4. sayang mo lang, favorite bag pa jud niya. saon na lang. naaah...i was with last year's batch of finalists; this year, i'll be facilitating during the formation program. yehey, tagaytay na sab! bitaw, murag daghan ra jud taartits gipaanha this time for the fiesta celebration. ikaon na lang kog lechon, hehehe.

    originally posted on 09.28.04 - 1:55 pm using Haloscan comment board

  5. hi val! You were with last year's batch of finalists. Wow. That's so admirable! hope you're coming home this December. I hope magkita ta sa IDS alumni homecoming. Daghang ragbang lechon didto!

    originally posted on 10.01.04 - 8:18 pm using Haloscan comment board


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