"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


home, for me, is a combination of a taxi ride, an airplane ride, another taxi ride, and a bus ride away from the dorm. last weekend, i headed for that destination with three bags bursting to the seams... TWICE.

now, the story…

going home is a welcome thought after five months of being away, and i was naturally optimistic earlier that day, which was last saturday. but lo!

my luck!

the first leg of my trip went awry! the taxi ride from the dorm to the airport, which could eat up a little more than 30 minutes on a good day, took almost two precious hours. putik na traffic! why, oh, why.

by the time i arrived at the check-in desk, the supervisor wouldn’t let me in because “all seats have been taken”. apparently, they gave up my seat and the seats of all others who got caught in the @#$%@! traffic 25 minutes before i got to the airport. yeah, 25 minutes too late. parang kanta! buhay nga naman! my luck! the flight was scheduled to depart at 1:15pm and my taxi got free from the traffic at 12:50pm. like i had the choice?! oh boy. added to that, the 1:15 plane was the last flight that could take me to cagayan de oro that day. oh boy times two. i was really pissed...and at no one in particular. the experience was like an irritating déjà vu.

i don’t like airports!!!
they always make me feel miserable.

anyway, back to the story. there i was, suddenly feeling as if the entire world finally closed in on me but not quite. along with the other “latecomers,” i was advised to rebook. as i walked to the other building for the rebooking, i felt the weight of my bags. i didn’t realize how heavy they actually were until that time when i had to contemplate the sort of luck i was having.

at the other building, i had to wait for my turn before i could schedule another flight. in fairness, they have a nice queuing system… but being assigned the number 92 when they’re still at number 20 wasn’t something to be feeling nice about. i was hungry, i was tired, i was feeling drained, i was sleepy and i still had to wait before i could go back, despite my own liking, to the dorm with its deserted and loneliness-inducing sembreak atmosphere! some test of patience!!! after i informed some people about my weird luck, roommate’s text message came through to comfort me and to remind me that it’s a weekend. tsk. tsk. tsk.

trust murphy’s law to manifest itself on my life if it’s a weekend.

i don’t know how long i waited for my turn at the airport’s booking office. it must have been quite long as i forgot about being pissed and eventually moved on to noticing how disgusting the airline’s lady employees’ uniforms look. (oh, the style was okay, but the cloth looked like it was ripped straight from some old table. hahaha.) their janitors’ uniforms even look better, trust me. by the time i got a rebooking and got back to the dorm, i realized that the traffic i encountered earlier that day cost me about PhP600 (about 200 for the taxi ride to the airport, 200 for the rebooking, and another about 200 for the taxi ride to the dorm.) i lost PhP600 and got nowhere near home. tsk. tsk. tsk. para na rin akong na-hold up ha.

i refused to be further put down for the rest of that day. after depositing my bags in my dorm room, i left for the mall, determined to relax and enjoy the rest of the day despite my sleepiness. at the mall, i splurged on food (yeah right! better believe this) and went to see sky captain and the world of tomorrow. later in the evening, i went to greenbelt with cinema buddy to watch run, lola, run. (naaaa... i didn’t spend the rest of the day trashing and throwing fits.) by the time we got back to the dorm, i only had about 2 to 3 hours before heading for the airport again. my flight was leaving at 5:10am, first flight to cagayan de oro. determined not to miss another flight, i left the dorm still sleepless at about 2:10am. by 2:35am, i was back at the airport and was welcomed by its misery-inducing atmosphere despite its state of the art facilities. i immediately checked in and spent the next few hours catching some sleep while waiting for boarding time. hmmm...i was almost home. gamay na lang kulang.

my plane ride was okay. it made me notice again how black the cloud over manila is. it’s a disturbing sight. shucks. i also had an aerial view of mayon volcano, with its almost perfect conical shape. actually the volcano stands out from the rest of bicolandia as it is the only mountain which looks symmetrical from above. by the way, i was given a window seat and the seats next to me were empty, so i had the three seats all to myself, bwehehehe... that made sleeping more convenient. i went zzzzzzzzz some minutes after we took off.

i arrived at cagayan de oro at about 6:20am. after claiming my bags, i went out of the airport’s arrival area and chose a cab to take me to the bus terminal.

“200 ra ba ang minimum namo dinhi”.

just when i thought i finally ran out of my weird luck, the driver told me that the minimum fare’s PhP200! “taka ka lang! dili oi!” was my bratty retort. stupid driver for trying to make me stupid!

driver: lagi, miss. 200 jud.
me: hala! ayaw ko binuangi. taka lang man ka oi!
driver: 200 naman jud. magansi man mi kung mas ubos pa ana.
me: dakong binuang! ako pa jud imong binuangan. miski pag metrohan, dili jud na moabot 200. please beh!
driver: sige, sa lain na lang ka.
me: maayo pa, kay maglalis lang ta anang 200. taka lang jud ka.

and so, the driver, who insisted on carrying one of my bags despite my protests, led me to another taxi. upon dropping the bag at the back of the taxi he led me to, he said “miss, naa kay traynta dinha?” to which i retorted “para asa man ng traynta?” without answering my query, he walked away scratching his head. he must have finally understood that he couldn’t make me shell out money just like that. apparently, the thirty pesos he was asking for was for labor services. hello???! had he not stupidly insisted (much to my discomfort, by the way) on carrying the bag, i would have carried it myself! hay naku! an extortionist driver in broad daylight. first, he had the nerve to tell me the minimum taxi ride to the terminal costs PhP200. then, he had the nerve to ask for PhP30 for carrying a bag i could single-handedly carry. drivers like him ruin the reputation of cagayanons. shame! it was a good thing the other driver didn’t make me pay 200, even confided in me that 200 is really an exorbitant amount, and was even shaking his head when stupid extortionist driver asked me if i had 30.

mabuhay ang mga drivers na may dangal!

a bus ride after that, i was finally back in iligan. 9:10 am. then, at about 11 o’clock, i traveled to lanao del norte with my family to visit my grandparents. i didn’t realize until then how weak my lolo gary has become. he's weaker than the last time i saw him. he cried upon seeing me. he cried some more when he saw my other cousin whom he also rarely gets to see. seeing the grandchildren he rarely sees lately must really be too overwhelming for him. tears could now easily take over his once tough-looking façade. i hope he gets to live a lot longer. a kind great man like him ought to live longer.

“you got home to be sick.”

how nice. that was the text message i received from cinema buddy after i informed her of me being sick and befriending the bed. looks like she’s right. as another friend would say, “you’re home, you’re sick. you’re... ”homesick”? he he he.” i think this must be due to the vitamins and the food supplements i have been taking in since i arrived home. somehow, my system is no longer used to them and must be adjusting this way. i’m sick. i’m sick.


  1. hehehehe malasa nimo oi. nakatulog ka sa airport? uncomfortable man kaayo. oh well, at least nakauli naka. gadako ra nang mga ulo sa taxi drivers diri pinas, sapot gani kaayo ko nga pagabot nako diri cebu, 125 daw gikan pier padung mandaue! pakshyet! wa ra na kaabot 50!! hehehehe

    origianlly posted on 10.30.04 - 8:42 pm using Haloscan comment board

  2. okay man kaayo ang waiting area/departure area sa centennial (the one for PAL), :D..so unlike manila domestic. besides when i wanna sleep, i can fall asleep.

    originally posted on 10.30.04 - 10:00 pm using Haloscan comment board

  3. may pa ka, oi.... nakauli.

    originally posted on 11.04.04 - 6:43 am using Haloscan comment board

  4. Mabuti naman po nakauwi kayo ng maayos kahit na medyo may mga problems.=) Pero, cguro naman, napawi lahat ng pagod pagdating sa house...there's no place like home di po bah?! =) I hope okey din byahe nyo pabalik.=)

    originally posted on 11.04.04 - 1:18 pm using Haloscan comment board


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