"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Saturday, November 06, 2004

some blog-worthy things from my desk...

what a gwapo must be

"strong yet gentle, powerful yet sensitive, has a great career yet helps clean the house and raise the children, in control yet cries, and a sex expert who's only been with one woman"

hehehe...i got that from somewhere.


the notebook

the movie version of the notebook is disappointing. it is not able to evoke the same emotions the book version does. the actors, except the one who played allie's fiance, didn't give justice to their characters.

just read the book. forget the movie.


me, myself, and i

i love myself because...just because.


fahrenheit 9/11

"we don't need no water, let the motherf***er burn, burn motherf***er burn" ...

hahaha, and you thought my vocabulary isn't that colorful! blame fahrenheit 9/11 for bringing that out of me (again). i watched it (ten thousand years ago?) and i liked the soundtrack.

"keep on rockin' in the free world, keep on rockin' in the free world..."

more than that, i enjoyed watching the film. michael moore's so naughty; fahrenheit 9/11 was enlightening as well as entertaining with a tinge of being disturbing (i really detest hearing about innocent people dying or suffering because of some too f***ed up warmongers who can't even send their own blood to the battlezone). however, moore showed lots of his biases and most of them i chose to tolerate; but not when he showed too much prejudice in introducing the countries comprising the coalition of the willing.

i know what point he was trying to make, but i don't believe it was necessary for him to depict the republic of palau, costa rica, iceland, afghanistan, etc. to be sooooooo backward and primitive (because they're not). it was consuelo de bobothat he spared the philippines (or was it just cut????) from embarrassment there, hehehe. during the coalition of the willing sequence, i braced myself for the moment the philippines would be mentioned; fortunately (read: to my relief), it did not come.

i enjoyed fahrenheit as much as i enjoyed watching the documenatry imelda. don't get me wrong though. the two documentaries are far from similar.

i don't deem fahrenheit to be that good for a documentary, considering moore's obvious biases. however, the clever playfulness put into it and the amount of information (which the television channels don't broadcast but the movie dared to expose) make the presentation worth watching.

i believe dubya gave moore the very advice he needed in order to come up with his version of fahrenheit: "Get some real work". moore did... by keenly following dubya's story. hahaha!

"fool me once...shame...shame on you."

before i forget, the bush-etc.-etc.-blair cowboy/ranger-sequence with ala-marlboro theme background was funny.



this one was overheard by someone in mcdo philcoa:
"Wow! Nice bag! Where did you bought it ba?" (olats!)


get-rich-quickly tip

the Q: can anybody give me some tips on "How to earn your first billion before the age of 25"... i know someone who needs it.

my A: sell your soul ASAP! ...and be a faustus, hahaha!


an interesting read

ever read or heard of the book, FLATLAND: A Romance of Many Dimensions, by EDWIN ABBOT? i think there's a downloadable version of it.

anti-feminist tones aside, it's an interesting read about dimensions (i.e. the lives and interactions of beings with different dimensions and shapes). there, the possibility of a 4th, 5th...nth dimension was mentioned and yet... it was written in 1884(!), waaaaaaaaaaay before albert einstein's heydays.



careless and "lucky" being that i am, i've been involved in lots of accidents (motorcycles, carabao, canals, bicycle, tricycles, swimming pool, ladders, coconut log) and have my own share of "battle scars" and had the associated pains.

i was not yet 5 years old when i experienced my first motorcycle and swimming pool life-threatening mishaps, so my dumbfounded and crying reactions to those two are understandable...but for every accident experienced after those two, i found myself being able to immediately help myself out of the situation, talk (in my signature hyper manner) and laugh heartily even if my mind is going "@#$%! mong tanan! sakit kaayo, katawa pa ra ba jud og apil! na...na...na...."

i guess, i learned to adapt....accident-prone (how about "accident-friendly"?) kasi.

...and most of my accidents were, in one way or another, consequences of (what-else-but) stupidity.


the enemy

my enemy has a name...nostalgia! and i met her the moment i left the comfort zones.


low grades and suicide

formal education is something, but it's not everything. grades are something, but they're not everything... and so on... besides, if you die, nobody in hell or heaven will care if you had 1.0's or 5.0's in your academic subjects.

if you commit suicide, you're just making a confirmation that you, indeed, are a LOSER! plus, you just won't be tarnishing your reputation, but that of your family, especially the ones who reared you (for the majority, parents) as well. THINK!



sometimes you feel so good that when you write about how you feel, the words you use are not enough to capture how good you're feeling.

sometimes you feel soooooo bad, you simply end up not being able to write.


  1. now you're really thinking. solitude brings out great thoughts. hehehehe.

    originally posted on 11.08.04 - 10:16 am using Haloscan comment board

  2. i now have a new roommate, i still have to get to know her. i hope, we'll get along. :D

    originally posted on 11.08.04 - 6:50 pm using Haloscan comment board


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