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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

hello, goodbye

YM pop-up: blah* would like to add you as a Yahoo! Messenger contact. Do you want this person to add you?

Allow & add to my Messenger list. Allow. Deny.


Allow & add to my Messenger list.


but who's blah?

good question!

me (11:06:20 PM): who's this?
blah (11:06:32 PM): dfx
me(11:06:39 PM): huh?
blah (11:06:51 PM): heh!
me (11:07:15 PM): again... who's this?
blah (11:07:50 PM): come on this is a netizen who found u interesting is that enough?
me (11:07:58 PM): nope
blah (11:08:05 PM): then?
me (11:08:12 PM): bye?
blah(11:08:28 PM): bye

i know some people find it rude when they're being asked who they are, and i can't blame them. even so, giving an acceptable answer to the "who's this?" question is something i deem important. they who can't get past that have no business getting into a sensible conversation (virtual or otherwise) with me.

*ym id has been changed


  1. likewise. bad trip yung mga ganung tao na ayaw i-reveal ID nila.

    feeling stalked ka.

    originally posted on 01.27.05 - 2:40 pm using Haloscan comment board

  2. ay, issue sad nako na. even sa text ba. shouldn't it be common knowledge that when you are properly asked who you are, you should properly answer the question. magbinuang na gani, di na ko mutubag! leche!

    hehehe sorry, schizo mode! ;-P

    originally posted on 01.28.05 - 9:16 pm using Haloscan comment board


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