"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Monday, April 04, 2005

color, crush, first love, etc.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

--Albert Einstein

answers to questions from anonymous...

Q: what is your favorite color?

yellow! i love yellow -- lemon yellow to be specific, but the pale version of it is fine with me, too.

even as a kid and long before i knew what to call the color, i was most drawn to yellow and most of my things were... yellow. growing up, i got into painting and realized that i have to embrace other colors, too. i ended up playing with all sorts of colors, sometimes liking them, sometimes liking them not. however, on my list of colors, yellow remains up there. it always stands out... exuding brightness, vibrancy, happiness, warmth, and bliss.

can i add cuteness?

Q: who is your crush?

hey, can i skip answering this question? hehehe. just kidding.

for the sake of giving him a name here but at the same time protecting his privacy, let's call him botchok. hahaha. of course, that's not his name. i don't address him that way and i think nobody does. (if he gets the chance, he'll probably strangle me for this! hala, gud lak.)

the first time i noticed him was tears, i mean, years ago... back when i was a college freshman, back when i was home. more than good looks, more than undeniable intelligence, i like the aura of gentleness that surrounds him. even with that said, i don't think he's weak.

and did i say his eyes speak volumes?

ah, but... he's not that all-yummy. he has this attitude that i find infuriating (grrr...) but nevertheless interesting to deal with. that is to say, i appreciate who he is.

Q: who is your first love?

uhm... uhm...

him? i loved him three years ago and i realized that i still love him, anyway. :P

unsa?! did i just write that?! (flash, flash: all systems alert! classified info security has been breached!)

next question please!

Q: will u marry me?

my instincts may seldom be wrong but... i'm not a seer, am i? i guess it's a question we better ask u, not me.

or... wait. does u stand for "you" and am i being asked if i'll marry... the one who left the question?

if so, the answer is a downright "no". aside from it's always easier to say no (agree?), i'm far too romantic to even consider things like that over the internet. hehehe.


answer to the question from miggs

Q: when will you come home?

kuya miggs and i

soon. all i can say is soon.

but God, i miss being home! i miss the taste of water in iligan, among other things like the company of my hometown friends, the delicious smell of lechon and the comfort of being with my family...

but now is not a time to be nostalgic.


answers to the barrage of frantic questions from the gEEEmail

Q's: when a teacher says, "we will hold your grade until you finish your project" and adds, "don't worry, if this is your only problem subject this sem, you're sure to graduate", can i attend our graduation rites this april, even if i don't finish my project before the deadline for submission of grades? i'm supposed to have a grade already, except that it will be "held" for the time being. what on earth does that mean? what will be on my classcard and/or transcript of records? an INC? why didn't they give me an INC in the first place? i'm so confused. guess where i am right now...

the gEEEmail and i

yoni gurl, i do not have the power to give you a grade, and i do not exactly know how things go in your department, but i am convinced that you can attend the graduation rites this year!

you can finish that project of yours in time. believe you can do it. don't be intimidated by what you perceive to be limitations. "what the mind can conceive and believe, one can achieve," remember? don't give the powers-that-be a reason to "hold" your grade and refuse the thought of seeing an INC on your classcard or on your transcript for that project. the universe always conspires in helping people who help themselves; everything shall fall into place if you work for it. don't lose hope, okay? you've already done it before, you can do it again!

hmmm... or maybe your lab loves you so much, it's having a hard time letting you go so it's trying to keep you. =) no matter what, look at the bright side! you'll get through, you'll see. we're "programmed" to survive, after all.


i'll be posting the answers to the remaining questions in the succeeding entries. keep on asking, keep the questions coming...

next up: souls and laughing cows


  1. hey, thanks so much! unfortunately, wala akong nagawa today. i was in makati taking a 4-hour job screening exam and interview. grabe sumakit talaga ulo ko! gEEEmail :p

  2. it's clear to me now. i won't be done by summer, but, still, i might go home before june just so my mama and my sisters won't forget my face (as if), hahaha!

    the thesis might just make me extend for a year. that's a neither-happy-nor-sad thought (part of me wants to graduate already and part of me wants to stay in the lab to learn more) but it undeniably lessens the burden of uncertainty that i carry. plus, i'm no longer bothered by the thought of not hitting my two-year target. weng said i'm doing record time already so there's no need to rush.

    it's not the exact package i wanted, but it'll do because (even if i'm dying to get out,) i'm not really ready yet to finally venture out of the academe. still, my decision stands... i won't have my teaching contract renewed.

    that's one thorn less. i feel relieved! =)

  3. good for you! i might not be graduating either. ewan ko ba. magulo adviser ko. tinakasan nanaman ako. ayun pumuntang romblon, nagbakasyon kasama ang ibang faculty. sigh. now i don't know what to do with my job offers. review pa sa board exam. nway, the good news is, we'll still be seeing each other. hehe!

  4. ngaks, d ka pa mag-graduate??? bilisan mo na yan! hehehe ....

  5. look who's talking kaayo ka trick :p

  6. trick, i don't know who you're really talking to: is it me or is it a N o n Y m O u s?

    hahaha, as far as i know, i'm already on the expressway (i think i've been swallowed by it) and i'm gonna enjoy the journey!

  7. i think he was expecting na graduate na ka valynn. as for a N o n Y m O u s, quiet man na siya, for now. mega schizo issues, i'd say! ~gEEEmail~

  8. The interesting thing about "first love" is its being first, and NOT being love.

  9. i really like thus guy but i've never talked to him before and people say that i'm really pretty but i'm afraid he'll rejet me

  10. if this is JACOB.W> at cave spring middle i really like you amber

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