"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Sunday, April 24, 2005

reload, reload!

Knock the "t" off the "can't."
--Samuel Johnson

1 - up in the high Y

high Y -- it's really sooooo high! it's called the high Y because wires attached to posts meet at the center to form a letter Y up in the sky. crossing the wires to get on to the other side means climbing some post (not seen in the picture) first.

when it was my turn to conquer the high Y, my knees were really shaking despite my having all the necessary safety gears. even when i was still on the ground and was just preparing for my climb up the post, my heart was already pounding because of consuming fear. then, when i was already on the wire and started walking on it to meet my partner who was coming from the other end of the Y, i kept asking my teammates for more rope and slack even if i already had more than enough. hahaha! i remember shouting out, "i need more slack! please give me more rope. please. please. i can't move!" they heard but they didn't do as i told them because they knew otherwise and could see that i was already falling off the wire.

hehehe...'pag takot ka nga naman.

thanks to the harness and the safety pulleys, i did not fall all the way down nor got myself hurt. instead, i dangled up there like an angel who didn't know how to fly -- somewhat scared but laughing and thinking, "what a moment!" -- and ended up doing impromptu acrobatics to find my way back on the wire again.

2 - rappelling after climbing the wall

we were made to climb the wall in three's -- one's blindfolded and the other two had to guide the blindfolded one all the way up.

i volunteered to be the blindfolded climber and, to this day, i'm thankful to my climbing buddies who saw to it that i get to reach the top of the wall with them. upon reaching the top, i was allowed to remove the blindfold and the three of us signed the banner that awaited us there. then, we rappelled to join the rest of our teammates on the ground.

oh, i forgot to say that we were first-time wallclimbers. hehehe.

3 - group 7 photosession...

...with the handsome ayala brothers, mccann erickson's emily abrera, PDI's sandy prieto, cathy pabalan, bam aquino, boy abunda, and then-mtv vj donita(!).

where am i in the pic? near the handsome brothers. =)

4 - running free


if you find yourself in tagaytay and you don't have to worry about food, accommodation and expenses because the universe conspired for you, and you're sharing a wonderful experience with great hyper people, you'd also be running happy and free!

5 - caleruega!

ah, i would love to find myself in caleruega again! the comforting silence, the breath-taking scenery, the sweet scent of the air, the beauty...

three years ago, my soul found a new home there. haaaaaaaaay.

note: aside from having this silly fear of dogs, i'm also acrophobic (afraid of heights).


  1. nag-unsa mo ana? AYLC? giahak, guapo gyud kay nang mga ayala ai! hay!:)

  2. yup, feeling ko nga may hang-over pa rin ako... hehehe, grabe, 3 years na hang-over, tsk!

  3. shyet shyet shyet! *inggit* caleruega is in batangas diba? haay i miss wallclimbing, did it once and got body pains but it was well worth it. u have plans of working? work ka at mccann erickson? shyet again!it'd be a dream come true to work there!

  4. ok, i am tring this again, troubles, i apologize. thanks for reading my site. i signed your guestbook. my husband asked about kids again last night. maybe, maybe, tam

  5. burpday girl, yep, aRiaNe, caleruega is in batangas. (one of globe's blue ribbon commercials before had caleruega as location.)

    i agree about the body pains induced by wallclimbing... but there's no use complaining about the pains because you're right: it's well worth it!

    you're not the first person i know of who dreams of working at mccann erickson. why don't you give it a shot? as for me, my dreams are not directing me there. =)

  6. it did not even say anythig about the wallclimbing gears! you are nothing of just a bunch of stupid websiters tha don’t know about what the peoples like and dislikes! you do not know that I need to find things about wallclimbing gears!it is importan to me because it is part of my duty to school! it is my project! you are just epal!

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  8. hi katrina veronica inciong! you dared to leave your comments (which, by the way, are too grammatically poor -- to the nth level) on my blog. i can't help but address your pathetic concern. MAS EPAL KA, ENGLISH KA NA NGA NG ENGLISH, MALI-MALI NAMAN... DI KA PA MARUNONG GUMAMIT NG INTERNET (kasi kung marunong ka, eh di sana napunta ka sa mga websites na specifically on WALLCLIMBING).

    MAGPATURO KA NG TAMANG ENGLISH HA. Nakakarindi ang mali-mali mong grammar. Kaya ka siguro nahihirapan maghanap ng mga websites na tungkol sa wallclimbing gears, kasi baka kung anong english ang ginamit mo sa paghahanap ng sites. Napa-ka-pathetic pa ng comments mo at isa kang malaking KILLJOY. kawawa ka naman.... buti na lang di ka nahihilo sa english mong bulok.

    p.s. try mo sa google.com at i-type mo ang ganitong search string: "wallclimbing gears" + "carabine"
    wag mong kalimutan ang mga open, close parentheses and ang plus. that, my dear, will surely help you a lot. search ka na rin ng English for idiots, baka makatulong.

    yan ha, wag mong sabihing wala akong pakialam sa 'yo.


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