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Sunday, May 22, 2005

soon it'll be my blog's day!

happy birthday bloggy, happy birthday bloggy
happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday bloggy...

will turn one
may 28


update: may 22

i woke up with a mouth sore yesterday -- i thought it was a dream but it was not and it somehow disturbed me all day. i woke up with the same mouth sore today. now, i'm scared. see, it's not the common open sore. it's a bump sore at the base of my mouth, on my inner gum. "googling" for info on mouth sores and their home cures scared me all the more. anak ng pating, tinatakot ko na naman ang sarili ko. grrr...

here's what one source has to say on the matter:

"See your doctor anytime you develop an unexplained sore or discolored spot anywhere in your mouth — painful or not."

"Almost anything that goes wrong in your body can cause a mouth sore"

other sources mentioned CANCER. halur?! that word is more than enough to terrify me. trip ko na yatang mag-panic. makapagpa-check up na nga lang.

p.s. takot po akong magpa-check up. please, God, make the sore go away...


  1. a toothbrush a day keeps the mouthsore away! hehehe!

  2. tatlong beses kaya sa isang araw ako nagtu-toothhbrush. hindi siya canker sore. lump siya.

  3. pa-check mo na 'yan para hindikung anu-ano ang naiisip mo.:)

  4. i-try mo kaya lagyan mo ng toothpaste yung toothbrush...

  5. hehehe... pilosopo ka pala doc, ngayon ko lang nalaman.

  6. yes, and do not be afraid to go to the doctor for s/he may offer some remedy and thwart any fear or something along those lines.

  7. so what happened to your mouth sore? was it that bad? have you consulted the doctor?:(

  8. my mouth sore has long been gone. pyodontil + intake of vitamins B complex and C + my multivitamins. as useless, haniko, OA lang jud ko. hahaha!

  9. ei.belated hapi bday!sori ive been um away.i'll be back,give me plus/minus 6 months.i hope.


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