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Sunday, July 31, 2005

catch 23: birthday wishlist

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
--Chili Davis

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since i'll be turning 23 in less than five months, i might as well share my birthday wishlist as early as now.

friends, real and otherwise (mwahahaha!), if you feel in your heart that you truly (madly and deeply?) want to give me a birthday gift this year, just choose:

not a balloon but balloons -- don't forget the s! i want them in pastel colors and in fancy shapes and in sizes that are niether too big nor too small. they can't be too big because they might take too much space and i might not be able to keep them in my room nor be able to carry them. they can't be too small either because i might not see them at all, hahaha!

make sure there's a yellow balloon, okay?

letters and/or greeting cards
it'll be december and it's easy to pick a card and write a line or two at that time of the year. i'm not really too picky when it comes to these things, but i prefer letters over commercial greeting cards -- i like to see effort.

and hey, these are the things that will surely stay with me even long after i've read them.

compilation of the mp3's of songs that i like...
...or i might like. you get to choose the songs, burn them in a cd, and give the cd to me. i would appreciate it if you could include the lyrics... hahaha! i'm not too demanding, really.

...or you could insist on giving me an iPod. i promise, i won't complain. i really won't.

chronicles of narnia by c.s. lewis
i'd like to buy my own copies... but if you prefer buying them for me, i wouldn't mind. i'd say, by all means go and buy them for me. i'll repay you by mentioning you in my last will and testament -- that is if i get around to writing one!

a bunch of tootsie rolls
i'm not really into chocolatey things but i just want to see tootsie rolls again. it would be better if you could throw into the package a bar or two of cloud nine or big bang, cheez curls, lipps candy, hebe, haw flakes and big boy or bazooka (with the fortune ticket!) bubble gums. yeah, it's gonna be a pabaon for my trip down memory lane.

if you could include that people power cheesy treat (with the sticker inside), i'd be too overwhelmed!

an orange waterproof jacket
i like jackets and i'd like to have an orange jacket -- i imagine it would be bright enough to make my eyes hurt if i stare at it for more than an hour. it should have a hood -- an orange waterproof jacket just ain't that good without a hood.

of course, choose one that fits me.

a serving of Haagen Dazs ice cream
i'm not asking for an entire container, i'm just asking for a scoop. haagen dazs. haagen dazs. i want my haagen dazs.

birthday candles
no, no, no... i don't want a single birthday candle that says 23. i prefer 23 birthday candles -- not a candle less and certainly not a candle more. i know how to count, so i'll find out if you cheat! hehehe... definitely, they shouldn't be in black or death violet or any other goth color. they don't necessarily have to be on a cake. see, i only want the candles.

uhm... what else did i miss?

if none of the ones listed above appeal to your good nature, you can also choose to give me whichever of the following: a set of colored pencils, a box of sakura poster colors, graphic pen and tablet, canon slimcam, videocam, house and lot, another huge hugga-bear, white-sand beach, world peace, round trip ticket to batanes or singapore, apple notebook...

...or thoughtful greetings. just remember. i'm easy to please.


  1. why was it that my 23rd bday wishlist includes a condom?? waaah..sorry day! nag biga biga ra jud ko :D

    originally posted on 07.31.05 - 7:53 pm using Haloscan comment board

  2. lolz! hehehe ....

    @val: OT: ever read "Chariot of the gods"? anyways, I have MP3 collections if you like :-) daghan hinuon mga oldies like grunge music, adult alternative, new wave, ballads, jazz! hehehe ....

    originally posted on 07.31.05 - 11:28 pm using Haloscan comment board

  3. hopefully ill be in Phils around december then i can pick one of your bday list pero sana naman i wont fall doon sa IPOD hahaha

    hmmm teka bday ko muna bago bday mo hehehe

    originally posted on 08.01.05 - 4:36 pm using Haloscan comment board

  4. ay, ay, ay! birthday wishlist ha! simple ra kayo kag mga wish da - apple notebook, ipod, round trip ticket to batanes or singapore, etc! ang hebe jud ang pinakamahal! naa pa kaha ng sell ana? gimingaw na kayo ko ato nia!

    originally posted on 08.01.05 - 6:44 pm using Haloscan comment board

  5. hala ka.. duol na ra ba akong birthday pud... sa august 26 na... yehey!!!!

    sige ha, ako na lang angkon sa balloons ha... barato ra man gud na siya.. hahaha!!!

    originally posted on 08.02.05 - 7:03 pm using Haloscan comment board

  6. 23 ka na pala? kala ko 20 pa lang. :-)

    happy birthday in advance caterpillar. tagal pa yata noon ah?

    originally posted on 08.03.05 - 7:54 am using Haloscan comment board

  7. zork, :-D .

    trickyboy, i've seen that book and i've read the synopsis... i remember dr. tee indicated that's a pop book. read it if you like, just don't trust what it tells you. naa man pagka-racist and author, porke attributed sa egyptians ang pyramids of egypt nagsuggest dayon na gitabangan sila sa mga aliens... halur, ngano ang katawhan sa kalibutan dili pwede maka-come up og nindot na structures on their own? kelangan jud diay naay aliens?

    AYEZA, hahaha, dili lang ikaw ang ningpalag sa ipod...

    Lanee, naa pa ko'y na-miss nga dapat apil sa pack... BOBOT (katong naay pakapin singsing!!!)

    jory, yehey! first time yata na nga naa ko balloonS for my birthday. so, paninglon jud tika... mwahahaha...

    abaniko, kala nga ng nanay ko 13 pa lang ako, LOL! at saka, oo nga, ang tagal pa... inagahan ko lang ang pag-release ng wishlist... hehehehe...

    originally posted on 08.04.05 - 2:09 am using Haloscan comment board

  8. pastilan! BA-GA kaayo ka face... IPod ug round trip ticket...hmph!

    sagot ko ang APPLE (prutas) dili notebook...

  9. nakabasa na pod ko ug synopsis pero ala pa ko balak magbasa ana nga book kay dili pa nako feel! hehehe .... val, sagot pod nako ang prutas nga apol! hehehe ...

  10. gail, pastilan na lang jud! ana man jud na, mag himo na lang gani kag wishlist, lubusin mo na... =D mao gani wishlist ang tawag. hahaha!

    trick, paninglon jud tika...


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