"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Friday, April 21, 2006

what else?

"Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean
they're not out to get you."
--Colin Sautar

i'm going to share things in a bit of random order now. sit back, relax, and just have a nice read. well, i hope. i can only hope.

1. i forgot what it is that i was supposed to write about. oh boy, i can't be having memory problems. i can't afford to have memory problems. i take pride in my good memory, you know. yes, as if i haven't mentioned that before. maybe i haven't, but i surely implied that before.

2. quite a number of people think that i am the youngest in the family -- that, or they think that i am either an unica hija or an only child. they find it surprising that i'm actually a middle child. that gives me a good enough picture of what they think about me: a brat, what else? but hey, i'm a brat who thinks and does. i demand and complain a lot but i also work hard and i give a lot of myself to accomplish the things that i must do. owkey, enough of my defensive stance.

3. i've started reading phd comics. at the moment, i'm at the 228th strip -- i still have a long way to go and there's more fun to look forward to, considering that currently there are already more than 700 strips. phd, by the way, stands for piled higher and deeper. it's a very funny read about life in grad school. i can relate to most (if not all) of the jokes. i think you have to check it out for yourself. see if the strip collection cracks you up or not. if you don't find it funny, i think you have a problem.

4. i'm quite mindful of grammar and spelling, most especially when it comes to my own work. i think it's a consequence of my being O.C. (obsessive-compulsive). sometimes, i refrain from writing when i feel i'm having a hard time making my subjects and predicates agree or when i can't make up my mind on how to spell certain words like harass and embarrass. from time to time, some of my online friends tell me to stop being too conscious about grammar and spelling. i guess it makes them sorta sick when i correct myself mid-conversation. they don't like it because maybe it drives them to lookout for their own lapses even when they don't want to. i feel sorta sick and don't like it either but, hey, i'm just being myself! sure, i'm not immune from committing grammatical lapses and misspellings... but, as much as possible, i prefer that i avoid those horrifying (my word) instances of "bad grammar and bad spelling".

5. there are blogs that i go to for reasons i cannot explain. these blogs are not in my blogroll but their URL's are already etched in my brain. i stumbled upon them by chance and i'm just not keen on adding their sites to my links. one of these blogs contains lots of grammatical errors -- those that you and i would readily forgive because (1) the writer seems to be cool and all (or is trying to be) and is really not that pathetic, and (2) most of the lapses are minor and are not deliberate. however, being the incurable self-appointed grammar cop that i am (syet! did i just admit that?!), i could easily imagine that if i were only foolish enough to be carried away, i'd have a red marker ready -- to highlight the writer's inadequacies on my computer screen. of course, that would mean that i'd be leaving red marks all over my screen even long after i've closed all the browser windows. that would be plain right stupid of me. i know, i won't be getting anywhere with that.

oh, shucks. i just made myself sound like i'm miss perfect. yuck! now, you'd be having second thoughts on interacting with me. please don't be. if you're a blogger and i've already left a comment in your blog, that means you're not the blog owner of the site that i referred to in the previous paragraph. i am well aware that grammar and spelling are not the end all and be all of effective communication.

no, no, no. i don't have real dreams of being miss perfect. i'm just "allergic" to "bad grammar", heaven help me. it's a pathetic "disease" (yeah, i'm calling it a disease) that i so want to get rid of.

6. my p6peeps friends and my guy-'n'-gal pals from high school sort of share the "grammar cop mentality". we watch out for each other's grammatical lapses. we are also more likely to notice and remember other people's. more often than not, with them, everything proceeds to amusing light-hearted jokes. there are a lot of times that we deliberately "corrupt" the language. we say, "are we THE going or are we THE not?" instead of "are we going now?". when talking to one another, it is common to hear us say any of the following: "are you THE?", "is this THE you?", "therefore, there is.", "i'm not THE well", "i am not understand, are you THE?". i remember one time, my friends and i considered watching the movie, if only, starring paul nicholls and jennifer love hewitt. we did not proceed with the plan and stayed away from the moviehouse when we saw the rather huge tagline on the movie poster: "what if love give you another chance?" ngek, turn-off! we didn't even have to ponder the question. we had a good time poking fun at it though.

7. i didn't know until yesterday that human finger lengths hold information on testosterone levels, sexuality, and aggression. apparently, if a male's ring finger is longer than his index finger (a.k.a. pointer), he has high testosterone levels, is most likely aggressive and is also most likely straight. i can imagine you guys checking out your finger lengths now, hahaha. so, tell me, is this piece of info quite right? if you're somewhat confused and you want to read more about this, click on the following words: testosterone levels and decisiveness, sexuality, and aggression.

8. it's possible to sustain my happiness through feedback. i love getting feedback. actually, that's your cue, lurker... come on, leave me some comments.


  1. And I WILL definitely leave some, thank you! Oh, look! You've got yourself a spammer already taking advantage of your comment system.

    Anyway, I certainly share with you the same craving for checking up on somebody's grammatical errors. Truth is, i sometimes find myself making worse mistakes when my brain begins to shut down. Funny, my college classmates do get concerned and insecure whenever I make fun of their mistakes because I ridicule them with a sarcastic laugh-- even though they know that I'd forget those mistakes in a day or two. We'll if it were just between our highschool buddies, we'd be laughing along with ourselves and at times curse ourselves for making that mistake (deep in our thoughts).

    I admit they do get into my nerves-- those simple mistakes whether made by me or somebody else. I bet you'd get the same feeling when you hear your crush speaking awful and horrid english, MAJOR TURN-OFF!

    Ah well, at least we'll never run out of something to laugh about, eh? (Aren't I despicable?--reading some reader's thoughts)

  2. pilar. we used to have our own dorm english. we spoke it everyday at ang sakit talaga sa tenga. :) and oh, i certainly could use a grammar cop on my site. welcome na welcome. i dont mind. hehe kala ko nga ako yun sinabi mo, o ako ba? hehe

    pero dapat check natin di lng Ingles pati na rin Filipino o kahit anung dialect o language. oryt

  3. ripplemaker, i knew it! you're a grammar cop yourself. it's a pity we make people uncomfortable with our "attitude"... yes, we'll never run out of things to laugh about (either as a group or as individuals). one thing i like about people from our high school batch is that ability to laugh and snicker at our own mistakes.

    rudy man, hindi ikaw 'yon noh. nakapag-comment na ako sa blog mo, di ba? :D

    ako din, welcome din mga grammar cops sa site ko. kahit padalhan n'yo pa ako ng mga review materials on grammar ek ek ek, okay lang, aaralin ko. LOL. sabi ng nerd ako eh.

    tama. dapat hindi lang sa english tayo magpakatino... dapat pati rin sa filipino, bisaya, whatever. kailangan linangin ang tamang paggamit ng wika para sa epektibong komunikasyon. hindi dapat bara-bara lang... lalo na pagdating sa pagsusulat. howkey, i got carried away. that's all for now.

  4. ako kay, as much as possible, careful kos ako grammar and spelling kay english major sad baya ko. ulaw ba. pero sa grammar ug spelling sa ubang tao, okay ra ko pero i really notice when there are errors, even minor ones. hehehe:)

    ako-ang "A" nga key manggud sa ako keyboard kay "problematic" ba ug mura ko ug di kahibaw mu-spell pirmi. ug dili ko maka-text lingo. unya there was one time i was chatting with a friend ug pirmi nako i-retype ang mga kuwangan ug letters nga words ba. mihirit m na siya ug "ei, it's okay. relax. i don't mind." ug ako siyang gitubag ug "i know. but, i mind!" hehehe:)

  5. BabyPink, i can relate to your attitude when it comes to other people's grammar and spelling... mao jud, we are bothered by our own, we really can't help but notice other people's... but we tend to be more forgiving -- we just let such things pass and not call attention to their grammar and spelling anymore.

    ...but i remember when i was still teaching and had to correct lab reports, i really go through that tedious process of not only checking out the scientific merit of my students' answers but also the proper use of the language. there are times na magdugo-dugo (pula-pula) ilang papers not because they got the answers wrong but because i just couldn't stand it when there's no subject-predicate agreement.

    ako sad, there was a time when the letters "k", "i", "j" and "n" of my keyboard were malfunctioning... i kept on apologizing for my bad spelling and all, and the ones i was chatting with had to reassure me time and again that it's just alright with them and that they didn't mind... but i did mind! that was my problem. hehehe.

  6. You? A grammar cop? I’m scare if you visits my blog. You will found many grammatical slips there. Anyway, I welcomes you. I want my visitors to have funs and laughters, aren’t you?

  7. ako ba un pilar?! hehehehe... happy? :D

  8. now i have to review my entries a thousandfold before publishing them on the web. ;)

    what i do not like is the "coño english," (if you may even call it a language).

    "Having you as a sister is like a blessing talaga. I mean OMG, we've been through a lot. it's like parang we have been through so many ups and downs kaya..."

    it is funny to some extent but when the language-butchering becomes unbearable already, it really gets annoying.

    jr3, be a coño cop as well.

  9. Oh my goodie .... *looks at my hand* .... I'm NORMAL! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  10. Abaniko, if your posts will cause my nose to bleed, i'll stop visiting your site (which happens to be one of my fave stops... and the reason for this is definitely not bad grammar nor bad spelling).

    f.r.i.e.d.w.a.t.e.r., waaaaaaa... higad na lang please.

    sam, aba... ikaw din nakiki-pilar. conspiracy na yata ito.

    nope, hindi ikaw. naka-lista ang blog mo sa blogroll ko eh. yes, happy. salamat sa pagpaunlak.

    gwapo_na_baktin, there are times when i absentmindedly resort to coño speak. everytime i start to sense it, i get horrified. true that it's funny to some extent... but i prefer that it be avoided, too. it makes me cringe.

    example of "double murder" (and a friend really overheard someone said this): "wow, nice bag! where did you bought it ba?"
    (imagine me rolling my eyes and sticking out my tongue)

    trick, ows? :P

    of all the people who left their comments here, you're the only one who confessed to looking at your hands (to check if you're normal). hmmm... i wonder about the rest.

  11. You know, I just discovered something: Prolonged exposure to bad english can be detrimental to your mental health.

  12. Oh my, this post made me feel guilty! i hate making grammatical errors too, but most of the time i cant help it because english is not part of my social background.

    I also refrain from writing when my mind is a fizzled state. I would rather take lots of time before publishing a post to assure of its quality.

    hey, I'm more than willing for you to highlight my mistakes with that red marker! hehe

  13. shet... mistakes in the comment

    *I also refrain from writing when my mind is in a fizzled state

    * and the next sentence seems awkward


  14. ripplemaker, what you said's true. makabulok. bwehehehe...

    krislan, be kind to yourself. i'm sorry if this post made you praning.


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