"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

why i love being busy

i'm busy. i'm busy with work, i'm busy knowing God, busy experiencing places & seeing sights, busy taking pictures, busy looking at rainbows, busy sharing knowledge, busy learning tunes, busy connecting with people (the old & new) -- i've never been this happily busy & i'm sure this'll even get better. happy, happy, joy, joy! Ü

-- i already posted these lines before and i'm posting them again because doing so is more than worth it and one way to acknowledge the blessings that keep coming :)

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