"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a dream come true

"The reluctance to put away childish things
may be a requirement of genius."

--Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

a friend of mine whom i haven't seen for more than three years came to diliman last monday. after two hours or so of "hi", "hello", "you still look the same!", "oh my god, how come we haven't changed?!" and all the blah-blahs i only share with worthy old-time pals, we hit the mall. there, i made a long-time dream of mine come true...

look what i bought!!!

yes, folks! i bought a ferrari!

oh yes! i've long wanted to buy an impressive-looking remote control car. i had it in my mind for so long, i couldn't even remember when i started dreaming about it. dzan dza raaaaaaan... i found what i wanted, fell in love with it at first sight, and bought it!!!

now, it can be said. i bought a 1:10 ferrari F1 formula remote control racer! i purchased all 18 inches or so of it, its redness in all its glossy glory, its highly detailed features, its shock units, its blinking wheels and racing tires, its ~15mph speed, its 10V battery pack and charger, its plastic driver (haha!), and the warranty.

i know you want to see it but i'm sorry, you and i can't play with it anymore. the racer is with kenj now. kenj is my friend's son and my first ever godson. he's only three years old but he's quite a precocious kid, and i'm his quite doting ninang (who did not give him christmas & birthday gifts for the last three years, hahaha) -- he deserves to have one of my dream toys.

whoa! i finally got around to buying a racer! i can't believe it! oh, maybe i'll finally get around to buying myself a fighter jet remote control model. i'm not so sure. i'm still thinking about it -- money does not just pop out from nowhere after all. maybe, it'll take me sixty six thousand years to think about it and i'll still end up not buying (there are so many hungry people out there, you know)... but really, i want to have a flying gadget. it's not a secret among my p6peeps friends that i have this long-time dream of owning a flying toy plane, which i once thought of blowing up while it's in mid-air (terroristic tendencies!). one of them said i won't be able to make that dream come true -- he even wrote it down as part of the testimonial that he gave me in friendster, hehe. i guess, he was referring to the "blowin' up the plane" part of my dream. oh well, whatever. the fact remains that, right now, i feel pleased with myself: kenj was as excited and delighted as i when he saw what i got for him.

weeeeeeeeee... happy feelings! happy thoughts! happy!

p.s. i believe in proper attribution: i got the picture that comes along with this post here. i tweaked the photo just little bit to save space.


  1. i can never forget my red sports car remote control falling over a canal wen i was 5. it felt horrible. but i never stopped loving them.

  2. Kenj is lucky. Good thing your dream toy’s not Barbie.

  3. i want that remote control ferrari!!!


  4. funny how we can afford to have our dream toys only when we're already too old for them. i still don't have the choo choo train i kept asking from santa until i reached the fifth grade. i guess santa never did get my letters.

  5. i had my first Voltes V toy when i was 27 years old. i even brought it to my office but gave it away to my godson when he dropped by my office.

    caterpillar, pahiram. patakbuhin natin sa university avenue.

  6. mundski, how many RC toys were you able to keep from childhood? :)

    monmon, do you dig RC toys, too?

    abaniko, how can barbie be my dream toy when i easily got fed up with her? i'm someone who digs mechanical systems, i find her boring. :P hehehe, had i decided on a barbie for kenj, you wouldn't think he's damn so lucky for having a ninang like me. :D

    zork, buy now. buy one. buy two. buy three... then let's race. hehehe.

    anonymous, hey, hey. (",)

    duke, doc, maybe santa mistook your christmas letters for prescriptions. LOLz! yep, we get to afford our dream toys when we're no longer kids... but aint it nice to think that it's somehow possible to buy a childhood dream after all?

    f.r.i.e.d.w.a.t.e.r., bili ka ulit ng big time na laruan. :) ngek! sa university avenue pa talaga ang balak mo. di kaya ma-flatten lang 'yun ng mga rumaragasang philcoa/pantranco jeeps? don't you mean, acad oval? pero kung serious ka sa university avenue, may mas maganda akong proposal: sa edsa!!! hahaha.

    babypink, magpakabuotan jud kay gadako na ang bata... basin kung maghulat kog 20 years, tinuod na nga sakyanan akong kelangan ihatag. na 'saon na lang. hahaha. :D

  7. hehehe. i even dream of collecting cars - matchbox sizes… ;-) haven’t started the hobby yet… ;-)

  8. kars, i wanna recruit you to patronize RC cars (and RC gadgets for that matter). i find them better than the matchbox types. :)

  9. My first remote controlled racing toy car lasted only less than a week. Alangan kay 24 hours halos gidulaan, mao nasunog.

    I must buy a new one (after 15 years).


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