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Sunday, December 03, 2006

really pissed

i'm currently sharing a room with a hag. a bitch. i don't want to refer to her as a roommate because she only does injustice to how dearly the term means to me.

for having been assigned to a room inhabited by someone like her, i consider myself unlucky. i started sharing the room with her last november 8 and only close to a month of sharing space with her has already proven to be not good for me.

ha! fortunately for me, i don't have to endure sharing a room with her for so long. i'll be out of here in a week or so and, yes, i won't have to bear her uncool and suffocating presence anymore.

how could i have been so optimistic to believe that i'd get to enjoy her company like i did with my previous roommates?!? argh. i should have not forgotten that there's really such a thing as generation gap... and that a bitch could also come in the form of an ugly old pig who would make an issue on whatever little noise you make when she wants to sleep. like i don't have the right to move nor use my celphone to merely text a friend because my doing so keeps her awake?

i was texting one of my friends regarding a planned out of town one dawn time (about 1:30 am?) when she unexpectedly turned in her bed and blurted out "hay naku, dili man ta makatulog nimo oi!" (in tagalog, that's equivalent to saying: hay naku, hindi tayo makakatulog nang dahil sa 'yo!)

when i heard that, it immediately registered on me that she found the very soft sound resulting from my tapping of the keys disturbing, so i quickly let go of my phone, said "sorry," and closed my eyes in a quick attempt to chase sleep. i never thought she had more to say...

but pathetic person that she is, she further said, "pirmi na lang na nimo ginabuhat! maglisod tag tulog tungod sa imo. saba kaayo. magrespeto pud unta ka sa uban. natulog na makamata sa imong saba." (palagi mo na lang 'yang ginagawa! nahihirapan tayong makatulog nang dahil sa 'yo. ang ingay. matuto ka sanang rumespeto sa iba. natutulog na, nagigising dahil sa ingay mo.)

leche man diay siya! how would i have known that i was disturbing her sleep for days already when she only complained about it that time and didn't tell me so before? and, for crying out loud, i'm doing as minimal noise as i could whenever i'm in the room with her (and most especially when she's already asleep) and i'm not even talking aloud nor making calls in the dead of the night!!! how could texting be a crime when my keys don't register decibels like her coughing and snoring??!!

i suddenly learned that, in addition to the unwritten "the main light should not be turned on" law when she's already asleep, there's also an equally unwritten "no texting" law being enforced in our room.

excuse me, but i've never ever had that kind of issue with those i've previously shared rooms with. BUT then my previous roommates were as young as i am and very far from being fugly like her. maybe she's only in her forties? duh.

she has the nerve to make a fuss on the slight noise i make? what does she want?

well, for the record, her celphone's keys are noisier than my phone's keys. the sound that she makes when she's still tapping her lousy laptop's keyboard and i'm already in bed trying to sleep also registers in my ears. her coughs at dawn scare me and really disturb me from my sleep. everytime i hear her cough, i fear she's gonna either be choked to death or her lungs will spill out of her mouth.

did she hear me complain about her keyboard tapping?!? or of her coughing? or of the smell of food that persists in our room everytime she violates the "no eating inside the rooms" written rule being enforced in our dorm? or of how i felt slightly violated that she moved around the things on my side of the room without my permission? or of how she bossed me into forming the christmas socks that she wanted to decorate our door with? or of how tacky the christmas socks look because she does not know any better? of course not! i've been quite considerate. i did not make an issue out of any of those...

but after her uber-exaggerated reaction and hearing the "pirmi..." blahblahs that she blurted out, i've decided that she no longer deserves my goodwill. she is a fugly bitch and i don't care if her family believes otherwise.

she only has to provoke me just one more time, then she'll have to deal with a barrage of counter-offensives. just one more... and i'll give her war. just because she's older does not mean that she can always have her way.


  1. such negative energy
    think happy thoughts
    hahahahahahaahaha :p

  2. karun pa giud ko naka kita ug cebuano sa internet lol

  3. Huminto ako sa pagboboard kasi ginamit ng roommate ko yung panghilod ko. Kutsara, baso ok pa… pero and panghilod, parang toothbrush yun di ba… masyadong sacrosanct para ipagamit.

  4. i think of happy thoughts, too! ...and i have them.

    in fairness to her, we are still in speaking terms... we act as if nothing happened... but i'm not backing off my threat to give her war should she tread on my bad side again.

  5. generation gap nga. siguro kung ako roommate nya, pinatay na 'ko. :)

    oops, she snores? baka yan yung naririnig natin noon, remember? hehe. :)

  6. former roommate, ganun kalakas magsnore? yikes!

  7. former roommate, di ko pa alam if siya 'yun coz, so far, hindi pa naman ganun kalakas ang naririnig kong snores n'ya. nevertheless, she snores.

    gEEEmail, wehehe, dati may ala-barko kaming naririnig ni former roommate :D

  8. that's strange val, wala pa lagi to nimo gi away.. nag-usab na gyud diay ka dra ba... hehe

  9. offtopic: just blog hopping! care to ex links??

  10. hmmm....kinsa kaha na? hehehe. siya ba na ang sige ug complain na saba kaayo mi sa amoa room? maygani wa mi ana na roommate niya ba.

  11. may alam akong panlaban sa snore :P

  12. think of it this way: the one who understands stands on a better position than the one who is being understood.

    the yearbook caption a good friend of a good friend reads this way: "never wrestle with a pig. you both get dirty. but the pig likes it."

    dayon ta iligan this december? para ma starring na pud ko sa imong "destination: iligan" post. hehehe.


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