"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i think i got it bad

"If you stay beside me, I might break your wings."

i can't believe i succumbed to goong addiction. what can i say? with princess hours, resistance is futile!!!

goong a.k.a princess hours
with joo ji-hoon (JJH) as crown prince shin
and yoon eun-hye (YEH) as chae-gyeong

goong (palace in english), which is also popular as princess hours, is a high-budget korean teledrama and is based on a popular comic book series of the same title. its story revolves around a 19-year old korean crown prince and a young-and-bubbly common beauty who find themselves in an arranged marriage they both did not want but nevertheless agreed to. the tv series had its successful run in korea during the early part of 2006 and has since created a huge following in other countries.

so what's with goong?

is it the confusing romance between the main characters, prince shin and chae-gyeong? his indifference? the way he hides his true feelings? his disarming smiles? her eccentric but charming ways? her free-spirited personality? the love triangles they find themselves in? the intrigues? the cutie cute cute portayals? the elaborate sets? the musical score? the comic twists? the colors? the sights? the dressed-up, cuddly teddy bears? i say, all those... and something more.

when i first saw the princess hours teaser, i got interested in the series right away and i decided not to settle for the dubbed version. my sisters and i must have noisily conspired about it one day because the day after that my father brought home a dvd copy of, yes, princess hours!!! ain't my father cool?

...and so it happened that my sisters and i ended up spending much of our time in front of the tv set, watching a marathon of princess hours. we became such goong addicts, our dvd player gave up on us twice.

i became such a goong addict, i resolved to start my own teddy bear collection. in fact, i soooooo want to own a replica of prince shin's alfred teddy bear. i don't care if it's expensive and has to come all the way from south korea, I WANT IT. i want to get hold of the manwha, too!

p.s. i'm far from getting over my goong addiction. last night, i started with episode 1 of 24 again; i watched with my mother -- i think she's our new recruit to goong-camp. yiheee!


  1. hala ka... murag ganahan lagi ko ana niya... hulam ko beh... gosh, i remember tong nabuang ko anang jewel in the palace... bahala kag tibook adlaw ra ko sa sulod kwarto nako... bisan magkaon kay atubang sa dvd player nako... hahahahahaha!!! hulam ko ana beh???

    giregards na ko nimo??? hahahaha!!

  2. belated happy bday ug manigong bag-ong tuig diyan sa ato! hahaha. t2zimm

  3. pareho jud mo sa akong lil sis. kuyaw kayo iyang bakasyon, tutok sa computer watching pirated DVDs of it. ;-) hahaha.

  4. jory, nabuang man pud ko anang jewel in the palace, pero higher level ra jud ako addiction sa goong a.k.a princess hours.

    speaking of our dvd player giving up on us… tu-a na siya, on the way to a service center in manila. we had it replaced kay namatay na lang siya in the middle of another princess hours marathon and gitangag niya among princess hours disc1. so, ayun, goodbye disc1. may na lang naa pay disc2 nabilin!!! yihee. mangita na pud kog dvd copy nga naay director’s cut and goong 1.5.

    btw, wala pa tika na-regards.

    t2 zimm, salamat sa greetings!! ikaw pud and sa imong family… malipayong bag-ong tuig! stay happy.

    kars, basin dili nako maulian. LOL!


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