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Saturday, March 18, 2006

bloody brain

you read the title right and it's there for its literal meaning. if you are faint-hearted, skip reading this post. something ewwwww lies ahead...

late last night, i opened an e-mail from one of my high school classmates. it said 'Ayala Ave. accident pictures' on the subject line. i knew right away what accident was being referred to.

my own brother told me about it last thursday (march 16) morning as we both made our way to ayala avenue from prince plaza ii in makati's de la rosa street. he reminded me to be always careful when i cross the street because, just last monday (march 13), he saw a man who got sprawled on that road in front of 6750 along ayala avenue. he added that the man was badly hit by a bus and that many of the onlookers were busy taking pictures of the scene.

i asked if the man died and he said most likely because there was so much blood and 'dili na maitsura ang nawong sa tawo' (the person's face was so disfigured). oh well. what he told me was an understatement! he should have said that the guy's head got flattened and that most of the brain got squirted out of the skull! the brain was badly scattered on the road! when i saw the pictures i almost puked! if you haven't heard about this very unfortunate accident nor seen the photos i'm referring to, click here.

then, too, i felt a little spooked when i saw the pedestrian lane in the photos. the night before the bloody accident happened, my p6peeps friends and i crossed ayala avenue using that very lane!!! i remember that, despite the relative safety offered by the lane, it took us a long time before we finally got to the 6750 side from the peninsula manila side because the vehicular traffic in the area was just relatively fast. who would have thought that the next morning, some guy would actually get his skull broken (and most of his brain scattered) on a spot so close to that lane?

they said he got off from a moving jeepney, lost his balance, rolled on the road and got hit by a speeding bus. shyet. what a chain of events!

ewwww, too! road accidents like that are the very reasons why until now i am so afraid of finding myself in a busy street. in fact, i'm afraid of crossing even in areas with 10kph limits. i just don't wanna take chances lest i die with my brain (or parts of it) spilling out of my head. oh, not my brain... the mere thought makes me sick.


  1. i don’t know about wearing helmets. if it’s one’s time to go, it really is one’s time to go. years ago, my father figured in an accident — his motorcycle helmet cracked and fortunately his head did not (praise the Lord).

  2. i know! those graphic pics continue to haunt me. I still get chills thinking about it because i cross that lane too!!! in front of glorietta diba?

    Im now all the more afraid to cross busy streets. I do not want to die an UGLY death, with my dignity taken way ...

    and the thought of people taking pics makes me sick, i mean, what about the the family and relatives of that guy?? "mama, look, there's papa's brain matter in the internet!!!"

    sick, sick sick. pero the pics serve as an effective warning to pedestrians (to the detriment of the welfare of the victim's family, unfortunately...)

  3. they are chilling pics -- i hope that the victim's family be spared from encountering/seeing them. what happened's too painful for them, i hope they don't search for the pics all over the internet.

    i hope, too, that something like it doesn't happen again. let everyone be spared from deadly buses!

    that road is not in front of glorietta, but somehow near it.

  4. yikes! na-send sad ni sa ako. grabe 'no? luoy kaayo kay napisat gyud iyang ulo. mura siya ug kanang maligsan nga iring ug iro ba. tsk, tsk. naa pa gyud siya'y dala nga blue supot. could be pasalubong for family or something. luoy gyud.:(

  5. babypink, luoy mo lang. i never thought a head could get flattened so badly like that. the clothes, the supot, the bus, the people, the surrounding area... they make a real picture out of something i could have labeled 'just a distasteful fab'. i'm familiar with the look and feel of that place, but after seeing the pics, i know i'll forever see it differently.

  6. Horrible thing. Too graphic. They shouldnt have taken the pic. I am a photographer my self.. and I would never never shoot a pic like that unless I will be forced or paid (by a news agency maybe) to do so. And if I had to, there's so many way to tell the story of that accident, and I will carefuly select an angle and view to deliver my perspective. That's just responsible journalism, hey my teachers told me that.. =). I got a high respect to that poor fellow, even though I don't know who on earth is he.

    Personally Im not disturbed with the bloody mess.There's indeed a lesson to be learn from it. Im just disturbed on the way that pic was taken, even though the fellow commit a mistake and never had the time to correct it (coz he died), he is still once a human being with a heart and soul and still deserves a little respect.


  7. those were just normal hospital scenes (im talking about the picture) believe me there are worse.. im a student nurse by the way...


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