"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

from may to may

"What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment."
--Author Unknown

i tried to make a summary of my past 365 days and here is what i came up with...

medical mission in marilao, bulacan. hearing my godson kenj's version of ABC over the phone. about 50 trips to the movie houses. prince plaza ii. learning of my kuya's bye-bye to his bachelor days. meeting my then would-be sister-in-law for the first time. laboratory clean ups. bellevue hotel, alabang. baywalk nights with my papang and my kuya. TOSP meetings. yellow cab pizza sundays. trips to central bank. bisaya bloggers eyeball. unexpected photo op with junior kilat. fete de la musique. quality time with my cousins from US and singapore. the peninsula - manila. badminton in the zone.

the legend villas. tagaytay days. balai taal. carrying out "angel duties" for the TOSP formation program. research proposal submission. powerpoint presentations and technical reports for the lab. p6peeps get-togethers. billiards and ping pong and wallclimbing. kuya's wedding. experiments, experiments, experiments. laguna trips: cabuyao, pacita, calamba. walking around intramuros. brownman revival in 70's bistro. stalkers. TOSP community's tribute to roco. r&d entry submission. going back to my art. footloose the musical in meralco theatre. going crazy over oh-so-cute and colorful socks. photo ops and chikahan with high school classmates, especially the beautiful gal pals. "marathon-testing" the scents. scientific write-ups and paper submissions. washing my hair with ariel detergent.

business letters, research line-item budgets, quotes, and research project outlines. padi's point araneta center. major laptop troubles. losses, frustrations and blues. boat trip to iloilo. dinners with labmates: batchoy and seafoods. community exposure. scientific conference. group presentation: shamelessly dancing to the rhythm of vhong navarro's don romantiko. island-hopping adventure in guimaras. overnight stay in bacolod. roadtrip around negros island.

setting foot on dapitan, followed by a trip to ozamiz and then to lanao. being home in my iligan. visiting my grandpas and grandmas and being reunited with my titas, titos, cousins and cousins-in-law, their sons/daughters. going home to everything familiar -- including lechon roasted by my "mang-lechonay" uncles and cousins. first meeting with my cousin b-boy, our new instik baby boy. videoke session with high school batchmates 'til the wee hours. heartbreak. officially becoming a tita (and to an uber cute and charming chinita baby girl at that!).

drinking session and overnight with the gal pals in malate. painstakingly looking out for the precious dots, dots, dots. lone trips to bicutan, taguig and alabang. seeing the interiors of medical city. having my first bite of the fruit called persimmon. the watering hole. trips to gilmore and e. rodriguez. countless train rides. books!!! bouts with depression and nostalgia. our r&d win! thesis proposal. oblation run. UP lantern parade.

becoming 23. losing my research logbook. painting in starmall. reunion with friends from college. "emceeing" for jerk and tiff's wedding reception. dips in timoga pools. high school reunion. unforgettable december inuman session in manticao with pals from high school. three hair-trimming sessions. weight loss. hair loss. trips to and fro my mindanao. finding comfort in my family. reunion with best friend. equipment problems. only you a.k.a. "tj and jillian" craze. getting sick. lab parties and food fests: pa-ice cream, pa-pizza, etc. lab days and nights, runs, and very stressful moments with fluctuating power supplies. trouble-shooting.

binondo adventure with friends. food trip at a gal pal's place in makati. my very memorable and funny but painful and embarrassing ikot ride dive-off. sta. mesa brickhouse. wine tasting. getting new contact lenses and eyeglasses. sleeplessness. postcard from weng. thesis deadlines. week-long UP fair and eraserfest event with friends from high school. first ever henna tattoo. bisaya bloggers picnic. super jigsaw craze. buying a childhood dream: RC race car. phd comics. eastwood, metro walk, rockwell, greenbelt 3. exploring the south and the north. reunion with favorite roommate in the world. trip to baguio. playing in the rain up there in benguet. biking. very disturbing stalker's emails and amusing fan mails. thesis my quest to follow that star. fruitshakes and the threat of homelessness.

dine-outs and food trips with friends and family: gilligan's island, chowking, tokyo tokyo, old spaghetti house, pancake house, ihaw-one, jollibee, mcdonalds, pizza hut, shakey's, thai canteen, beach house, mang jimmy's, chocolate kiss, cafe donatello, max's, greenwich, kfc, dencio's, big ben, dear manok, tita fannie's, barbecue inn, burger king, goldilocks, super bowl, hotshots, ice monster, starbucks, breadtalk, green tomato, bubble gang toppings, krocodile grille, cravings, almon marina, yellow cab pizza co.!!!

here is the bottom line: let's just say that, in the past 365 days, i've been through and i've been up to -- as usual -- uhm, nothing much. *winks*


  1. what nothing much? you should try to live my life. my entry would have only two paragraphs of something like this:

    ediner. work. home. ediner. yellowcab. work. ayala. blog. ediner. work. home. read. deadline. ediner. work. home.

    im beginning to think that
    (1) i am a boring person
    (2) or i am in the wrong place
    (3) or that i have to do start living, in the truest sense of the word.

    aaaargghghghg. caaaaaterpillar! erase mo na blog mo! kakainggit.

  2. i just remembered, daghan diay kaayo ko ug adventures with you...i could count at least 10...

  3. gwapo_na_baktin, it seems to me that you are looking at your glass half-empty while i'm looking at mine one-third full.

    your comment somehow made me feel that i'm right about this: people who'd tell me to get a life (or think that i don't have a life) have definitely no idea what they're talking about.

    thevolcano, yes, there's at least 10 and we have to put emphasis on that "at least 10" phrase. i'm grateful .

    those memories in my summary wouldn't have been there if they didn't mean anything to me. most of those memories meant a lot because they were shared/experienced with people who made (and make) my life interesting and meaningful. i'd like to add the word colorful, too.

    what good would be going to places or food trips if they're done alone, right?

    more of a note-to-self than anything else: wawa, with all those pictures, i'm making my blog look tacky. yak, i better go easy on the pics. after all, i'm capable of getting my message across without resorting to too many photos (which, by the way, affect the time needed to load my page, hmpf.)

    see what i'm doing? it's like i'm writing an entire article within my comment box. how nice. :P

  4. yeah. caterpillar how come you remember every fastfood chain or resto you went into for the last 365 days or so?

    murag naa ko feeling pati resibo imo ginacollect... hey, that could be a nice blog entry. :D

  5. my memory of such things is good...

    ...and for good measure, i consulted my desk planners (2005 and 2006) coz i did/do write some things down in them. they don't really serve their purpose of being planners; they're diaries with messy and cryptic bullet entries, and only a few of their boxes have entries.

    i also have some pictures and paper table napkins to back me up, too. (",) i don't collect the receipts.

  6. i have the same sentiments as gwapo_dakma, you are a busy bee and i hate you!


    but this entry made me realize that i should start beeing busy as well! When you are busy, you can be happy and maintain sanity. (have you checked out my post 'bzbeeatch'?)

  7. krislan, after i read your comment, i checked out your blogspot and looked for bzbeeatch and, thus, made myself busy *winks*. i left a comment, there.


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