"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

goodbye may, hello june

"There is no such thing as pure pleasure;
some anxiety always goes with it."

--Ovid, Metamorphoses

...and so another month has passed and i'm still here in metro manila. please don't ask me why i haven't moved on yet when according to the plan i had three summers ago, i should have been out of here last year. let's just say that this early twenty-something phase i'm currently in is meant to unfold here and not anywhere else. nice enough excuse eh? don't worry, i'll be out of here soon. you just wait.

apart from work, the highlights of the last three weeks were good food, old school art, movies, and great company.

movies recently seen on the big screen: x-men 3: the last stand with labmates, the da vinci code with nobody, and over the hedge with p6peeps

other movies recently seen: sideways and la visa loca with ids99 beautiful gal pals

recent food trips: montanara, spinach and gelato of amici di don bosco with bisaya bloggers, pizza and pasta of sbarro and chicken meals of jollibee with labmates, clubhouse of delifrance with sealdi, pork sisig and sinigang of dencio's in megastrip with p6peeps, seafood jambalaya and pepperoni pizza of burgoo with my kuya

recent artworks: glitter glue painting and spur-of-the-moment crayon work on our table top in burgoo

recent overnight sessions: movie marathon and food trip with ids99 beautiful gal pals in rose's makati apartment and inuman session and get-together with p6peeps in edson and jerk's apartelle in makati.

on the movies recently seen...
first, allow me to say what they say, "ignorance is bliss..."

i know there are people who are quite disappointed with the recent installment of x-men. me? i'm not disappointed. how could i be? i did not grow up looking forward to friday nights and the x-men tv series, i never got into reading the x-men comics, and my familiarity with the x-men characters is only due to my kuya's x-men cards and my labmates' x-men stories. i went inside the cinema without much expectation on the plot, i went out satisfied with the special effects and the bonus scene after the end credits.

as for the movie version of dan brown's the da vinci code (DVC), i think only those who have not read the book will be impressed by the movie. tom hanks happens to be one of my favorite actors yet i have to agree with my bisdak friends who declared that he didn't quite fit the picture of the robert langdon that we got to know in the book. i believe audrey tautou gave the best that she could for her sophie character but the screenplay didn't give her much to work on... man, they downplayed sophie's brilliance several-fold! except for that part where sophie introduces herself as a member of the french intelligence department, nowhere else in the movie will you get the idea that she's really a cryptologist. i was also disappointed with how they barely moved the camera over leonardo da vinci's works in the louvre scenes. plus, duh, they downgraded the "cryptex within a cryptex" to a mere cryptex and, as a result, one code/clue got left out. if there's something in the movie that i'd like to praise, it's the beauty of the surroundings of the rosslyn chapel... and oh, sir ian mckellen's performance as leigh teabing and paul bettany's portrayal of the murderous monk, silas.

if in poseidon we had a movie where sweet home alabama meets glory road meets phantom of the opera meets motorcycle diaries meets perfect storm meets titanic meets..., for the DVC movie we have amelie meets a very long engagement meets forrest gump meets x-men meets the lord of the rings meets spiderman 2 meets the last temptation of christ meets... okay, okay, i'm stopping.

on other things...
i'm glad that i still get to spend time with my friends from high school and from college despite our respective locations and "busy" schedules. i guess, it helps a lot that we get to think that "being busy" is such a lame excuse for not getting together and enjoying each other's company. people who feign they are too "busy" simply don't take time. who're they kidding? the world happens to be fair, it almost always proves "busy" people right. i'm one busy bee with a track-record to boot, i should know.

haaay. may is over and june is here. the rainy days have come and i haven't gone on a decent vacation yet!!! whack me! i had a fun summer, why am i complaining??

i haven't been home in my mindanao since the fourth day of january this year. i hope to be home for at least a week this june or maybe this july. in a way, i've already got some things planned: go trekking and horsebackriding and dare the zipline in mapawa nature park, put my life in the way of danger via white-water rafting and then dive off some high bridge in cagayan de oro city. a clever suicide plan? naaah! i'm actually talking about thrill and fun. tara, let's!

for now, raindrops keep falling on my head... i should buy myself an umbrella soon.

p.s. my "amazing" saturday article got published in Inq7's YOU! click here to see my byline.

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