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Sunday, October 08, 2006

giving credit to whom credit is due

allow me to share what i've written for my thesis manuscript's acknowledgment page. the version posted here has undergone heavy editing for obvious reasons. some names have been replaced with codes. specific names such as that of the laboratory group that i belong to and those of our funding agencies have also been changed.

see if you can find your name!

Had I been entirely on my own, my research would not have been possible. I owe a lot of gratitude to the ones who, in big and small ways, helped me:

Dr. A.S., my adviser, for taking me into the Lab, for granting me the grand privilege of working under his supervision and for gambling on the belief that I could do well with the topic he entrusted me with. His dedication is admirable and his drive to get things done right is inspiring and contagious.

Dr. P.A. and Dr. J.B., my thesis examiners, and Dr. W.G., my thesis reader, for the meticulous attention that they gave to my work, the fruitful discussions, and the sound suggestions.

Dr. A.S., the current Lab coordinator and from whose knowledge I benefit from, for the samples that I was privileged to work on.

Dr. R.S., the Boss of the Lab Family, for asking the necessary questions and giving valuable suggestions that led to the further improvement of my work.

Dr. E.E., the Kuya T of our group and my immediate superior when I joined the group in 2004, for overseeing my initial ventures into optoelectronics & spectroscopy and for imparting the so-called tricks of the trade.

...(17 names here)..., my Lab-groupmates for their support and for their being my wonderful labmates.

...(15 names here)..., all of the Lab's other group, for their being my brothers and sisters in the great Lab Family.

...(12 names here)..., the people I got to know and made friends with in the Lab, for the friendship and for the shared learning experience.

Naoms, Bensky, Randz, Jerk, Tiff, Miez, Edson, Mickoy, Ivan, Anwar, Ducs, and Benj, the p6peeps, for their concern and words of encouragement.

The p6bams, most especially to Kuya Eli for constantly checking on me, and Dr. A.A. for generously providing me softcopies of the journals that I needed for my research.

The IDS99 beautiful gal pals: Sealdi, Yoni, Haniko, Janina, Rowcey, Mishay, Ai-ai and Hazel, the IDS99 guys: Ilian, Jezer, Eldani, Manman, Tricky, and Kurt, the BisDaks: Jory, Gail, Bhevs, Kars, Kuya Zimm, Kuya Toto, Kuya Miki, Father Cuying, and Alan, Agimat, AYLA, TOSP-AC, best friend Shella, him, and all my great friends, for the esteem boosts, the needed distraction, the happy doses, and the prayers.

Weng, Ann, and Kristy, the ones I shared 116 with and who’re so great at keeping me sane, for being nice and definitely not-boring roommates.

Papang, Mamang, Kuyang, Ate Bingbing, Kaye, VL, and Nikki, my family, for the love, support, and inspiration.

God, for all the big and small things... including the virtual overpass connecting Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, PHD Comics and Procrastinex, Box o Rice, Sefali, P.I.G. dynamics, and the funding agencies.

Thank you all.

--vkpm, october 2006

p.s. i owe the idea of posting the acknowledgment script to yoni.


  1. hmm i just realized nga na upgrade na man diay ang vitrual overpass to include visayas. hehe. coolness!

  2. Wishing you the best of everything c",) God bless c",)

  3. congrats! salamat na naapil ko sa imong acknowledgment.

    mine was like that too. dili siya sa acknowledgment sa thesis lang, kung dili sa tibook kinabuhi. ;-)


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