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Monday, June 11, 2007

abaniko's meme: blog association

my blogger friend, abaniko, came up with an "original, ever creative meme" -- a "brand new fresh never ever seen tag anywhere in the world before," according to his blogger friend, simple american.

the "noteworthy, prize-deserving meme" is simple and it goes like this:

Choose five blogs and associate each with an object/thing.
Briefly explain the association.

abaniko, in his turn to do his all original meme, included my blog among his chosen five. he associated this blog to a map because of my fondness for discovering places. he further said, "Shouldn't she be paid by the Department of Tourism for all her Philippine travel posts?" i agree! maybe the department of tourism should sponsor my trips!!!

since i want this meme to live on, it is my turn to do it and perpetuate it to the rest of bloglandia...

my dear readers, here are my chosen five:

:: the ocean of my being -- book
babypink, the one who owns this blog, is not only a self-confessed bibliophile, she also writes very well -- visiting her blog is similar to a nice encounter with a good book. one can easily sense her passion for the things she loves doing with her word-weaving.

:: ang anino ni abaniko (the shadow of abaniko) -- camera
i have two reasons. first, abaniko is a proud owner of a digital rebel xt and is sooo into photography. second (and this, i believe, is the more important reason), abaniko's blog is a wonderful window to his life and his experiences -- it's like having a camera capturing his moments. he talks candidly about scrabble, photography, badminton, math, jokes, sudoku, aircon issues, davao, pipework gone awry, memes, and other what-have-you's. in one of his noteworthy posts, he shared this awesome picture of a red ant which his close friend took -- WOW.

:: happy faith -- tux, the linux penguin
happy faith is the blog and podcast of fr. stephen, msc -- the only priest i know who blogs. he is also one of the biggest advocates of linux and open source, hence the association with tux. among the bisaya bloggers, he is the linux authority. he has convinced a lot of people of the advantages of open source technology. aside from linux and open source, fr. stephen also shares in his blog and podcast his views on life, faith, filipino migrants, the worldwide web, photography, and movies. his site is worth visiting... take a look at his sunset pics and drool.

:: gizmodo, the gadget guide -- magazine
gizmodo is the site for tech-savvy people. it is a web magazine (hence the association!) where the latest buzz and news bits about gadgets, gizmos, consumer electronics, and related stuff find their way in the form of reader-friendly blog articles.

:: bisaya bloggers -- globe
...because bisaya bloggers are everywhere in the world!!!

there. if you're a fellow blogger, feel free to do this meme (like i just did). pass it on and make abaniko happy.


  1. Hey Caterpillar, thanks for doing the meme. I thought nobody’s gonna like it. But you could have moved me more if you tagged 20 bloggers (and forced them to do it). That should have propagated the meme faster. Haha.

  2. Hey, ang tagal ko nang di nabisita tong blog mo.

  3. For everybody who wants to try out something new in sudoku, try shendoku, using the sudoku rules but playing two people, one against the other, like battleshipps. They have a free version to download at http://www.shendoku.com/sample.pdf . Anything else they are bringing out or they are working on you can find at www.shendoku.com or at they´r blog www.shendoku.blogspot.com . Have fun, I am. I specially like one slogan I heard about Shendoku: SUDOKU is like masturbation (one person)…. SHENDOKU is like sex (it takes two).

  4. Hi! Bloghopped from Abaniko’s site. Nice entries you have here! I shall return to read more. :)

  5. uy! salamat, salamat. na-touch ko, 'day! hehehe:)

    i wish i had the luxury of time nga maka-blog pirmi ug maka-visit dinhi, oi. hay. sige lang kay hapit na man daw muabot dinhi ang globelines so maka-net na mi sa house. maka-blog na gyud ko pirmi.:)

  6. by the way, gi-unsa na nimo nang mga gamay nga, unsa'y tawag ana, "banner"? hehehe:)

  7. gi-"print screen" ang page then gi-resize ang image before gi-save and upload sa photobucket. ;)


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