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Saturday, June 20, 2009

farm town talk

the first time a friend told me to try farm town in facebook around a month ago, i politely declined. i wasn't interested. however, things that are meant to happen do happen. on june 5, 2009, i opened one of the piled up farm town invitations in my otherwise forgotten and unchecked facebook list. after that, there was no turning back. it took just a few clicks and i was won over by the farm town world.

i am an avid farm town fan. buddies would refute that and insist that i am a farm town addict. haha! i confess. i do not deny. farm town is addicting!

oh, yes, i still have to talk about farm town. what is farm town?

it is a game. it is relaxing. it is fun. there is no violence in it. it promotes cooperation, creativity, and industry. it involves strategy and wise use of resources. it instills in its players the discipline of being diligent and following through when starting things. it is a very neat game that develops in its players a sense of community. it also brings to life farming experience and appreciation of natural greens. play it!

my farm town-related tweets so far:
jr3 is delighted with her growing farm in farm town. gi-career! she experienced begging for jobs at the marketplace and from her friends. swell!
7:04 AM Jun 8th from web

jr3 is thinking, "adik na ba ako?"
5:46 PM Jun 9th from web

tweet of the day: "if it's not about farm town, please don't bother me in FB." see you in farm town. addiction na ito.
6:58 AM Jun 10th from web

jr3 is singing, "adik sa 'yo awit sa akin nilang sawa na sa 'king mga kwentong marathon tungkol sa 'yo at sa ligayang iyong hatid..." ang tindi!
8:52 AM Jun 10th from web

jr3 wants her FBfriends to have their own farms in farmtown. pag todo na ang FT topak nito baka di na kayo bati at mawala kayo sa friends list :P
7:53 PM Jun 10th from mobile web

jr3 is officially busog. tara, let's share a big bang theory marathon. :-) major farm town harvest tomorrow.
7:20 AM Jun 11th from web

jr3 is an avid farm town fan. you're not IN if you don't have a farm. :-P it's not yet too late to have one but soon it will be. :-)
7:07 AM Jun 13th from web

jr3 got hungry after plowing and planting. it's already 10:42 pm and she decides to cook and eat again. hala!
7:42 AM Jun 16th from web

tweet of the day: give me 7 days and i'll buy that farm house in 3 days. haha, sandbag! i only need 300K and i know i'll earn it :P
Jun 19th from web

pumpkin. naks! hihi. (",)
Jun 20th from web

my farm as of june 20, 2009 19:00


  1. Too bad I don't have a Facebook account and won't sign up soon. :(

  2. Heck, I’ve even bought a Farm Town T-shirt!


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