"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Monday, December 21, 2009

a small wish come true

".o0 (happy thoughts, happy thoughts. holidays are coming!
all in a row, all in a row --
11, 18, 25, 1 | wish kong makita si piolo :D)"

-- my tweet of the day for 8th of december 2009

on december 13, 2009, sunday, my tweet of the day was:
.o0 (i got my wish! i finally saw piolo in person, nakausap ko pa. if ang gwapo n'ya sa tv & print, super gwapo n'ya sa personal.)

proof? oooops! i was sooo starstruck -- i forgot about having my photo taken with him or even just taking a close-up photo of him. i got him to sign my copy of his decades album though. here, originally posted in my facebook account on 13th of december 2009:

signed album package
this is what we call christmas and birthday gift
thank you, kuya piolo!!!



Merry Xmas!
Happy Birthday!



Piolo: Val... na walang malay? :-)
Val: Hahaha, hindi. Syempre meron! :D

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