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Monday, December 20, 2010

destination 2011: batanes!

"The human spirit needs places
where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man."

-- Author Unknown

I know this to be personally true: experiencing Batanes is a must. Returning to Batanes, reliving the experience is inevitable. Not returning to Batanes is unthinkable.

more travel & adventure photos are available in my online gallery:

On February 27, 2010, twelve days after I got back from my first ever trip to Batanes, I wrote:

"BATANES is more than the place, more than the people, more than the language, more than the underrated hype, more than all of them combined. it is not in any picture or magazine article -- the real BATANES is an experience."

Experiencing Batanes was a dream I nurtured ever since I was 12 years old. I nurtured it patiently for so long until I finally got the realization of that dream early this year. It took me 15 years! Batanes was a dream that eventually came true. When it did come true, I was overwhelmed. The experience was totally mind-blowing!!! Until now, more than 10 months after that dream-come-true trip, I still have Batanes in my mind. It is a fascination I cannot just shake off. Traveling to other places, which I constantly do, just won't make up for my thirst and hunger for MORE of Batanes. All those other travel destinations have their own lures but they cannot compare to the way I find Batanes -- so perfectly wonderful, this paradise of the north, undeniably a piece of heaven on earth.

Batanes is the place to be and I HAVE TO GET BACK THERE SOON!!! There, I've said it!

experiencing the humming winds | vayang rolling hills

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the oh-so-splendid view from vayang rolling hills

You can also check the 20 photo albums (with 1200+ photos from my DSLR) which I dedicated to my Batanes trip here: http://kulitjr3.multiply.com

You can trust that when I get my chance of being back there in Batanes, I will write more and share more pictures. After all, I'm great at documenting my travels and adventures!*

With all that said, I'm definitely going back to Batanes. I made it my personal travel goal to visit Batanes every year of my travel life starting 2010. 2011 is just around the corner and Batanes is beckoning! The goal is calling!

*Read my travel & adventure stories here and ogle at my photo & video evidences of the moments here. (",)


  1. Happy 2011! Ang ganda talaga ng Batanes! :)

  2. hi, did you get a travel agent for your trip last year or you just had t on your own?

  3. we didn’t go through a travel agent.


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