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Saturday, March 19, 2011

a galleon named andalucía

"A galleon was a large, multi-decked sailing ship used primarily by European states from the 16th to 18th centuries. Whether used for war or commerce, they were generally armed with the demi-culverin type of cannon."
-- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galleon

10th of october 2010 mission: get on board galeón andalucía
pier 13, south harbor, city of manila

what this was like: effort!

our group started joining the queue of people wanting to see the galleon at around 6:30am. we got our first glimpse of the galleon at around 11am and was able to get on board at close to 11:30am. the viewing hours for october 9, 2010? 9am-12nn -- whew! despite being early, we almost didn't make it. :D

galeón andalucía, which docked for a limited duration in manila's south harbor from october 5 to october 9, 2010, is a replica of the galleons which figured so much in that manila-acapulco galleon trade we used to read about in philippine history and culture textbooks back in our days of formal schooling.

people couldn't be blamed for turning out in hordes to see galeón andalucía. after all, it's the first time in after 200 years that a galleon docked once again in manila.

because the galleon was around only for a limited time and too many people flocked to south harbor, queuing for the chance to experience being on board a real galleon proved to be very challenging. not everyone had the patience to stand in line and many had to turn away.

i think i would have turned away, too, if i didn't have friends around who were also as committed to the 'mission.'

with that said, before i get around to sharing some photos, let me share my anecdote related to the 'mission':

a test of human patience, perseverance, and determination, it was!

i lost my patience with the guard who wouldn't let me go through the gate to south harbor because "di na po muna kami nagpapapasok kasi marami na pong tao sa loob" (read: we're not letting anyone in anymore for the time being because there are already so many people inside) and that was only ~7:30am. viewing hours were not to start before 9am.

when i called his attention to the people in private cars and taxis that were allowed through the gate and how unfair that was to people on foot, he told me off by saying "wag kang nagtututuro, masama 'yan. sila (people who're also outside the gate) nga e, nauna sa 'yo, hindi nagrereklamo." (read: don't point, that's bad. they got here ahead of you but they are not complaining.)

me: "hindi ako sila at hindi ako nagtututuro, sinasabi ko lang sa 'yo, sir, na hindi kayo patas kasi pinapapasok n'yo ang mga may sasakyan pero kami hindi at nasa loob na ang mga kaibigan ko, kasama nila ako." (read: i am not them and i'm not pointing. i'm just telling you, sir, that you're not being fair because you're allowing those people in private cars and taxis to get in but not us who walked to get here. my friends are already inside, i'm with them.)

i totally got irked when he just said, "kasalanan n'yo 'yan." (read: it's your fault.) to this, i said, "paano naman naging kasalanan ko e kayo nga ang malabo" (read: how come it's my fault when you're the one who's inconsistent?) and then i walked away.

when my friends who were already inside south harbor came to the gate to get me, i stopped short of sticking my tongue out and making "bleh bleh" antics at the guard. when i made my way past him, i blurted out a bratty "ikaw kasi e, sinabi ko naman kasi sa 'yo, ayaw mo maniwala." (read: see i told you but you refused to believe me.) ayun, pasok ako at good luck sa kanya, maraming taong mas rabid pa sa labas so i was able to get in and good luck to the guard -- there were a lot of people left outside the gate who were far more "rabid" than i was.

after entering the gate, there was still a queue to endure. however, getting past the gate was über important and as the popular saying goes, "all's well that ends well."

i got stamped!

the stamp on my palm was for "aklatang filipino" but this was a sort of assurance from the 'bouncers' that i'd be able to get onboard galeón andalucía.

dia del galeón banner and the barrier.

the pathway to and fro galeón andalucía belonged to the other side of that fence.

galeón andalucía

that was our view of galeón andalucía as we were approaching the waiting area for people going onboard the vessel.

docked. galeón andalucía (as seen from her bow-side) and her visitors in manila's south harbor

the masts of galeón andalucía

galeón andalucía: the pulleys, the ropes, and the wooden frame (and the visitors )

masts and the colors representing manila (philippines) and acapulco (mexico)!

two of the 31 members of the galeón andalucía crew at work

galeón andalucía ropes

inside the galleon: rope art (this was placed near one of the cannons.)

inside the galleon: one of the cannons

inside the galleon: galeón andalucía art

galeón andalucía commemorative plate

inside the galleon: spanish seal on the glass pane, timepiece, a replica, and a lamp

inside the galleon: wooden dining set with metallic centerpiece

inside the galleon: wooden furniture

another two of the 31 members of the galeón andalucía crew

galeón andalucía as seen from her stern side

the stern of galeón andalucía

galeón andalucía (in comparison to a lifeboat and a port security personnel )

about galeón andalucía (as can be read from the info board inside the galleon):

"Galeón Andalucía is the only actual replica of a Spanish galleon that has ever been built. These galleons played the role on economic and cultural relationships between Europe, Asia and America during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Three centuries after, and crossing the waters that helped Spain to lead the trade routes, Galeón Andalucía is reviving the History and recovering the past success to place her into the eastern heart, and show our region to the rest of the world.

During her crossing, and then during her visit to Shanghai Expo, Galeón Andalucía serves as a cultural, touristic, gastronomic, and business promotion platform for Andalusia, showing the world the best of this autonomous community and its resources."

more photos can be found here: http://kulitjr3.multiply.com/photos/album/695/695

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  1. Nice pictures, thanks for bringing your readers inside the galleon. Hello from CDO!


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