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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i'm going this way: hoyohoy!

“The only question in life is
whether or not you are going to answer
a hearty ‘YES!’ to your adventure.”

— Joseph Campbell

hoyohoy, tangub city is the latest addition to my list of target destinations.
the compelling reason? read on... if you're a thrill-seeker like i am, you just might make it a target destination, too!

tangub city is my father's hometown and, as such, it is one place that our family keeps going back to as much as we can. it is where we get reunited with our relatives -- people who, more likely than not, bear the same surname (or middle name) as i do -- and experience life with easy access to mango orchards, vegetable farms, rice fields, and fish ponds.

back in january 2009, i already wrote about tangub city being the christmas symbols capital of the philippines -- the city turns itself into a huge, dazzling, inspiring, amazing pinoy wonderland every onset of the christmas season. it is the place to be in mindanao if you want to catch the christmas spirit with lots and lots (and, let me say it again, lots and lots...and lots and lots) of christmas lights and delightful christmassy stuff, big and small, with family and friends.

now, watch out for tangub city as it also becomes a new adventure capital for being the home of the longest and highest zipline in asia to date!
on july 18, 2011, i wrote:

thrill-seekers, alert!!! the longest and highest zipline in asia to date is in hoyohoy, tangub city and has recently been opened. i'm already thinking of trying it out this october. to quote my friend, Karl Imanoel Obias Aoanan, "the Skyline Zip is 1,250 meters (line 1); 1,100 meters (line 2) and 500 meters above the Labo River (which is 350 meters above sea level)" | ayos!!! tara let's!
this is it, thrill-seekers! if you want to try the skyline zip (and their other adventure activities) like i do, check out hoyohoy highland stone chapel adventure park -- at 850m above sea level -- in hoyohoy, tangub city, misamis occidental, philippines. their facebook page is very helpful and has information on the basic things we need to know like park hours, description and location, how to get there, and contact details.

having seen the photos of the place, knowing people who very well know the area, and having heard from my cousins that hoyohoy is tangub city's own baguio, i am so excited to finally see, feel, and experience the place. i am sooooo looking forward to taking all in the sights and thrills in hoyohoy highland stone chapel adventure park!

to give you some ideas of what i'm talking about, here is a collection of some of the photos posted in the hoyohoy highland stone chapel adventure park facebook page:

the stone chapel and its surroundings
original caption: the stones were left untouched from their original placements some thousand - maybe millions - of years ago. we are appealing for our guests and visitors not to desecrate or vandalize the stones.

a perspective of the hoyohoy skyline zip
original caption: from the mountain to your left to the mountain across to your right and back. Just to give you a perspective how long and how deep the Zip-line is.

a perspective of the hoyohoy skyline zip, zoomed
original caption: zooming in. there are structures (shown with shining roofs) on the mountainside to your left. that's where the HOYOHOY Highland Stone Chapel Adventure Park is located - and is the starting point of the Longest Zip-line in the country.

a face of the malindang range
original caption: Mt. Malindang's South Peak. Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park. this is what you will see from the View Deck.

a section of the labo river
original caption: View from the top. the LABO River 500 meters below.

wow, notice the fog!!!

zip long and high through the fog, why not? :D

here is a mobile unit-recorded skyline zip video posted and shared by one of my classmates back in grade school. according to her, "tsada au ang zip ana pabalik kay mo hunong sa tunga nyahahahahahha." (the zip is awesome on the way back you stop in the middle nyahahahahahha). i bet that's just a momentary perception while zipping over labo river and that's the kind of zipline thrill i want to experience.

by the way, the adventure park has ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and horses, too!!!

my previous article on tangub city is here.
note: the pictures posted in this article are used with permission from the admin of the
hoyohoy highland stone chapel adventure park facebook page.


  1. Val, I was able to zip at Hoyohoy last weekend. Beautiful place too. Thank you for the recommendation! :)


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