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Monday, January 23, 2012

my 2011 travel and adventure highlights in a note

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime."
--Mark Twain
when 2011 was about to kick in, i sort of said to myself that i was gonna limit my number of travels, transfers, and adventures for the year -- so i guess this is what limiting means... hahaha :D

january 2011

01.02.11. iligan-cagayan de oro-manila-batangas

01.08.11. roadtrip plus a wedding in batangas city

01.22-23.11. calaguas and bagasbas | camarines norte

01.29-30.11. mt. batulao climb and overnight camp in nasugbu, batangas

february 2011

02.12.11. hot air balloon festival in clark field, pampanga and dambana ng kagitingan, mt. samat in pilar, bataan

02.19-20.11. balai taal, tagaytay city

02.26.11. makati celebration and videoke with relatives (paternal side)

march 2011

03.12.11. roadtrip to bolinao, pangasinan and thereabouts

03.27.11. manila afternoon

april 2011

04.02.11. bird watching and river tour in candaba, pampanga

04.09.11. return to pagbilao and more (padre burgos). island hopping in quezon province.

04.16-17.11. lipa city, batangas overnight for TOSP-4A screening prep and screening proper

04.17-18.11. shell tabangao, batangas city overnight with R&D friends

04.21.11. zamboanga city day tour (a spur-of-the-moment daytrip after our zamboanga-tawi-tawi trip got cancelled due to aircraft situation and sunset limitation)

04.22-24.11. sightseeing, island hopping, trekking in tawi-tawi!!! (bongao plus sitangkai, sibutu, simunul, sangasiapu, and la islands!)

04.26-30.11. OFW (overseas filipino wanderer) city-and-province-hopping moments in people's republic of china (official business trip complete with 6 out of 6 delayed flights)

may 2011

05.01.11. solo adventure to somewhere difficult to get to in lipa city, batangas to catch the last few hours of the 2011 TOSR-4A formation

05.05-14.11. sightseeing, island-to-island falowa boatrides, trekking, spelunking, and typhoon adventures in batanes!!! (scheduled travel dates from may 5th to 11th plus extended stay due to typhoon bebeng and SEAIR's incompetencies: up to may 14th)

05.21-22.11. makati for friends' wedding and get-together with high school classmates

05.28.11. paint-a-classroom activity in tanauan city, batangas

june 2011

06.03.11. photo op with sikat the solar car in SMX-mall of asia

06.04.11. sisiman bay, bataan

06.18.11. highQ visit and get-together with p6peeps in pateros then mandaluyong

06.19.11. bisaya bloggers in manila kitakits and reunion-after-5-years at the communication foundation for asia brickhouse in sta. mesa, manila

06.26.11. trip to rizal shrine and rizal monument in calamba, laguna (plus a sidetrip to a birthday party in pansol)

july 2011

07.09.11. return to paco park and intramuros, city of manila: trip #1 to get the initial 9 official stamps for my rizal pasaporte from department of tourism (DOT) plus lecture #1 2011 series: mukhang pera in ayala museum, makati

07.16.11. return to rizal shrine and visit to calamba church to get official stamps for my rizal pasaporte from DOT :D

07.21.11. lazerXtreme shootout in alabang with R&D teammates

07.23.11. destination: pampanga (and the experience of eating crickets and frogs!) and bulacan to get more official stamps for my rizal pasaporte from DOT

07.30.11. destination: navy headquarters along roxas boulevard to see for myself MS turanor planet, the solar boat

07.31.11. balai taal, tagaytay!

august 2011

08.13.11. photowalk and kitakits with bisaya bloggers in chinatown -- binondo, city of manila

08.14.11. noli me tangere (press pass!) -- CCP

08.19.11. bacolod-silay-talisay trip followed by a hop over to iloilo in one day

08.20-23.11. PF anniversary trip for 2011: iloilo, tibiao (aklan), boracay plus sidetrip to romblon

08.27-29.11. samar-leyte trip with yoni

september 2011

09.03.11. hinilawod epic (CCP main theater) and 2011 travel mart at SMX-MoA

09.10.11. lecture #2 2011 series: 13 women of rizal | ayala museum

09.19.11. jollibee pallocan party and overnight at shell tabangao

09.29.11. lea salonga's mini-concert exclusive for FPH friends and employees -- PICC

october 2011 and november 2011

10.01.11. worldwide photowalk 2011 and my first visit to nayong pilipino plus a failed trip to NAIA :D

10.14-15.11. sta. rosa city videoke; san pablo city johan's baptism and party

10.25.11. alabang praise and worship night pastors' conference

10.29-11.01.11. the northern mindanao trip: ozamiz-tangub city-lanao-iligan-cagayan de oro

11.12-13.11. destination: cebu, b! island hopping and sky adventures with yoni and janina

11.26.11. the sound of music | resorts world manila

11.30.11. san pablo city

december 2011

12.03.11. lecture #3 2011 series: doble kara: rizal in art and monuments (ayala museum) plus lights delight (ayala triangle)

12.10-11.11. christmas parties and kitakits in batangas and sta. mesa

12.14.11. choir (& friends) christmas party (ayala alabang village)

12.16-18.11. destination: ilocos trip and my birthday weekend

12.23.11-01.02.12. home sweet home: batangas-manila-cagayan de oro-iligan for 10 days-cagayan de oro-manila-batangas

next: from sto. tomas, batangas to... (to be continued and to be published in 2013. :D)

*movie trips, food trips, shopping trips, and some videoke trips not included 

so you see, if i've just been diligent in blogging about my travels, i could already boast of a lot of travel articles by now. i have backlogs instead. that can still be remedied, right?


  1. You know your life is exciting if you have to limit your travels haha. I just wrote my blog post on all the places I DO want to travel to. Some day

  2. hi, bloghopping from babypink.

    that was a very interesting 2011 you had. i wish i can travel with Papsie this year. it is what we aim to do.

  3. PF travels, Rizal Mania and Batanes-Tawi2 back to back. Ikaw na Val. :)


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