"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

the A-Z answers to the A-Z survey

"To find meaning in life does not require a miracle.
Even in the most ordinary circumstances,
there exists the serene truth of the whole universe --
that to be really human, one must love no matter the cost."

--Jesus Urteaga

A- Addiction?
>>> skittles

B- Bands (favorite bands)?
>>> local: side a

>>> international: the beatles (definitely yet to be beaten!)

C- Crush aside from your bf/gf?
>>> this item assumes that i have a bf and giving an answer to this will give people the impression that i have one. i don't have a bf (nor a gf, hahaha) and i don't wanna give the impression that i have one.

so, a "pass" will do. whoa, lusot! =)

D- Dream place?
>>> batanes

E- Expressions?
>>> pagkabam!

>>> saon!

>>> oh noooooo

F- Funniest guy you have ever known?
>>> eddie. i wonder where this guy is and how he's doing. i haven't heard from him for quite a long time now.

G- Game (person you know who is always game for everything)?
>>> naoms. even when a coconut fell on her head, she kept going! tough gurl.

H- Hottest guys you think of?
>>> brad pitt. we share the same birthday, but he's old enough to be my father, hahaha!

>>> jude law. he's not the sexiest man alive for nothing, is he?

>>> takeshi kaneshiro. i know haniko will kill me for this, but... the heck, he is one hot guy. he's asian, too! never mind that cinema buddy and i found the house of flying daggers a.k.a shi mian mai fu disappointing. when we watched it last year (18th of october, as far as i know) at gb3, we felt robbed. we thought it was "gb3-worthy", it was not! it was more of a love story than a martial arts film, and the love story wasn't even a great one at that. so duh! misleading title and weak ending. 'nough said.

hahaha, i've finally gotten around to bashing the house of flying daggers in my blog. i thought i said i'm never gonna write about it. oh well.

I- Interesting persons you find?
>>> students.

J- J for?
>>> jr3.

K- Kiss (wish you get a kiss from?)
>>> certainly not from a dog. (i know i didn't quite answer the question, hahaha.)

L- Longest kiss you had?
>>> i have yet to experience a real kiss... and when i do, don't expect that i'll be talking about it. plus, i doubt if i'll be clocking it; i'm far too romantic. hahaha. =)

next letter!

M- Meanest guys you know?
>>> those classmates i had in grade one who stole my cookies and drank my water. i wonder where they are now.

N- Nicest thing a guy bought for you?
>>> jecoi the pale yellow teddy bear, which is my friend jerk's graduation gift to me. it's quite big (but nowhere as big as pale brown JL, the teddy bear he gave tiff, his girlfriend), nice to cuddle but difficult to travel with. so, i left it at home.

O- Overnight at?
>>> the seashore.

picture this: lying on the sand under the canopy of the star-lit sky, talking 'til the break of dawn or 'til the moon finally sets to give in to the rising of the sun. stars in the night sky, moonset and sunrise. that would be so wow!

P- Prettiest friends you have?
>>> ladies of the ids99 alumni.

(hey, you, you, and you... i just called you ladies. be the ladies that you are: don't complain and say thank you instead.

by the way, you're welcome!)

Q- Quiet moments with?
>>> my best friend. as they say, the nicest conversations are those held in silence.

>>> myself. i also like my own company.

R- Reason (give one reason that would easily make you cry)?
>>> too much nostalgia, no doubt.

>>> too much conflicting emotions. no doubt about this, too.

hehehe, it says up there 'give one reason...' and i gave two. pagkabam!

S- Sexiest thing you can think of?
>>> saxophone music.

err... that's the first thought that came 'to mind. it's not tangible, can that be considered a thing?

T- Temptation (your greatest temptation?)
>>> good reads, definitely!

>>> going to places. this, too!

U- Unfortunate things you could think of?
>>> dark chapter of philippine history repeating itself: martial law and another edsa revolution. that!

>>> betrayal.

V- Vainest person you know?
>>> the best in math a.k.a probably the only rose propagated from a violet. hehehe.

the best in science might just strangle me for this.

W- Wish you were trapped with _______ in an elevator?
>>> the little voice. i don't think being trapped in an elevator will be a good experience. i'd rather go through that kind of ordeal with my alter-ego. that way, i can spare other people from the would-be trauma. naks...

X- Xfactor (your x-factor?)
>>> my masochistic tendencies. pains = gains.

if you have other things in mind, tell me what you think.

Y- Yummiest scent (name a person you can think of)?
>>> allie! she's my cousin's darling daughter.

don't you just love the scent of 'em neat little kids? it makes them so yummy!!!

Z- Z is?
>>> someone...

>>> z zzzz zzz for sleeping, which i can't seem to get enough of these days. i'm such a lazy kid! daz it, i'm going to zleep now.


  1. ladies... is this happy new year 2005 all over again?
    on letter V - uhhmm, am i thinking what you're thinking?

    originally posted on 03.02.05 - 2:31 am using Haloscan comment board

  2. answer to both questions: i think so.

    originally posted on 03.02.05 - 10:49 am using Haloscan comment board

  3. wa lagi ko kabantay nga naka-link ang V and W.
    ganiha pa ba ni or gidugang lang nimo after ko nagcomment.
    grabe ka slow nako sa V. i had to read your reply before nako na-get nga tama diay ko. THEN ayha ra nako napansin ang link. hay bangag na jud!

    originally posted on 03.02.05 - 3:44 pm using Haloscan comment board

  4. naka-link (first link) ang V daan. ang second and the W, gi-add lang nako.

    originally posted on 03.02.05 - 4:13 pm using Haloscan comment board

  5. ahhh, I understand the masochism question you asked me now :p

    And I envy you not having experienced a real kiss yet; you wont believe what a wonderful experience it is!!! just don't leave it too long, eh?

    originally posted on 03.02.05 - 4:30 pm using Haloscan comment board

  6. requesting permission to adopt this entry sa aking blog...

    originally posted on 03.07.05 - 12:18 pm using Haloscan comment board

  7. granted.

    hahaha! ni-rip ko lang din 'to sa friendster bulletin eh.

    originally posted on 03.07.05 - 12:51 pm using Haloscan comment board

  8. amen to the comments about house of flying daggers! ;p the worst movie zhang yimou ever made. pa rif off din nito val ha.. hehe rosemarie is the vainest person you know?? for real?!? hahaha never wouldve thought that!

    originally posted on 03.08.05 - 12:51 pm using Haloscan comment board

  9. aRiaNe, on ripping: sure.

    on the vainest person i know: she's vain (but still in a tolerable way). you should interact with her now to see what i mean. siya man gud akong una nahunahuna-an nga vain and at the same time close sa ako. hehehe.

    originally posted on 03.08.05 - 4:04 pm using Haloscan comment board

  10. ewww.. rif off?!? LOL! thanks!

    mao ba, i haven't seen her in ages. i haven't seen sealdi since we graduated from highschool. hehehe as they say people change.

    originally posted on 03.09.05 - 8:04 am using Haloscan comment board


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