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Thursday, August 03, 2006

our time together

"When the going gets tough
the great ones party!"

-- Garfield in Garfield 2

i'm hopping from one circle to another. with duties to do and deadlines to beat, i'm glad that i still have the time... but, of course, i've always tried my best to honor weekends by spending them with people from outside the workplace.

the other weekend, i spent time with ids99, my friends from high school. last weekend, i was with the p6peeps, my friends from college.

yehey! we're still around for one another!

last friday night, despite my exhaustion, despite the rains and despite the fact that i still haven't bought an umbrella (yes, i know i already said more than a month ago that i would! i'm bull-headed, you don't have to tell me), i braved the pitter-patter and made my way to makati to be with the rest of the p6peeps who're also in metro manila. i did not want to miss the gathering since there're 9 of us here last week.

considering the distance between metro manila and our original base in iligan and the fact that there are only 13 of us p6peeps, 9 out of 13's a batch record worthy of a celebration. plus, when it comes to reunions, my friends count on me to be around. i had no wish to disappoint them by making the combo of my toxic day and the heavy downpour as my not-so-lame excuse.

so there was i, reunited with tiff, jerk, randz, edson, bensky, naoms and micmic in edson's apartelle in makati last friday night. miez, the fourth gal in our group who also happens to be currently staying here in metro manila, didn't show up due to a valid reason which i've already forgotten.

of the eight of us who did show up, only randz, bensky, naoms and i are primarily here in metro manila because of grad school. jerk's here for his work and tiff, who is now his wife, is staying with him. jerk and edson are working for the same company but edson is currently based in bacolod. he gets to be with us from time to time since his duties require him to travel (hu-wow!). he was around here last week due to an official business. his timing was perfect for all of us... with micmic being here, too, in preparation for his out of the country trip which will take him to his choice of grad school somewhere out there.

edson, having been the one who made the necessary arrangements for the get-together, acted as our generous host. he saw to it that we were all fed and comfortable during the whole time that the eight of us were together. he also put up with our demands and remained nice even when randz turned too bossy and kept ordering him around. when we asked him for drinks, he did buy us drinks. he pulled a trick on us though...

in addition to bottled water and softdrinks, edson ordered different brands of beer and bought this local brand of tequila which we have never tried before. we thought he was going to drink with us. man! the guy said he's on medication. as a result, the burden of doing the glug-glug fell entirely to the rest of us. in the end, it was only randz, micmic and i who drank the tequila as the rest couldn't stand even just the burning smell of the strong alcohol.

PSG (p6peeps security group, hehehe): micmic, randz and edson

ever since our first p6peeps inuman session back in college, it has always been randz, micmic and i who see each other 'til the last drop. last friday was proof that that has not quite changed... except that there was no last drop, because we decided to stop "killing" ourselves that night. at least, i did! why get wasted?

when randz started to get so hyper and began talking to us in straight english, i let out a laugh, gave up and prepared for bed and slept. the guys must have followed my cue and gave up drinking the "poison", too. when i woke up a few hours after, the bottle was as empty as i last saw it... about three-fourths empty.

speaking of bed, it amazed me that we all got a good rest despite the fact that we only had two single beds for the eight of us: 4 people on each single-sized bed. hahaha. talk about p6peeps' talent and the ability to adapt!

what we did during the weekend aside from trying to finish that...that... that tequila: picture-taking (of course!), playstation tournament using jerk's playstation, tv/movie marathon and giggling over old judy ann movies aired on cinema one, updating one another on our lives and others' lives (as if we don't rat on each other in our noisy e-group, haha!), debating over quantum physics (the guys did! i don't know what got into them, hehe), exploring the mall of asia in pasay, braving the rain and the traffic, RPG/DotA tournament, and eating!

all that and more... on a rainy weekend. so what if i still don't have an umbrella?


  1. anhi dire cebu. drink till you drop ta. hehehe.

    wow. i'm a bit surprised myself. i never knew that p6 peeps know how to party. really party.

    more surprises for me:
    (1) minyo na d-ay sila tiff?
    (2) lakaw na si micmic for US? si anna?

  2. party of the nerds! but where's the pictionary? the jigsaw puzzles? hehe.

  3. gwapo_na_baktin, ikaw man kaha ang magpa-inom? :) party? actually, we're more into traveling... we've been to (almost) all over mindanao, cebu... and this time, we're in manila. maybe next time we'll get together outside of this country, hehehe (ingon si micmic hong kong daw for a start).

    yes, jerk and tiff got married last december. :)

    abaniko, h'wag na kasing hanapin ang wala... (",)

    miggs, too bad, eventhough you're like us, you're not one of us. bleh, inggit ka? prepare my welcome party, ha! hehehe...

  4. nice summary val! pwedi man gyud ka magreporter ba! lagi val hongkong lagi ta sunod! pagkuwa sa passport! lolz! regards sa tanan!

  5. mic!, hehehe, thanks for droppin' by. yaw kabalaka, dili lagi ka namo makalimtan...

    ...and yes, puhon, magkuha sab mig passport, bwehehe.

  6. Wala man ko lain mabuhat gud! nalingaw lang ko sa imong gpangsulat sa imong blog! cge.. sunod pagmaka-uli nko! lolz.. kanus-a kaha na ba?


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