"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another one of those posts

"No amount of worldly success could ever compensate
for a failure in the family."

the last three (3) entries were posted merely for the sake of posting something. this entry is like those previous entries. please bear with my yakkity-yakkity-yak.

:: society's measures of success: high-paying job, big house, expensive car and gizmos, smooth-running career -- these are the "conventional" measures of success which my friend and i would say "duh" to.

i like what she said in defense of the unconventional measures of success: "these unconventional successes are well worth my 'poverty' as the world would call it and well worth the pain i had to endure just because i fell in love with the stars and everything else essential but not easily seen." i find her statement pretty bold and noble. no wonder, we're friends.

:: here's for reggie! reggie who? fans of prison break would surely recognize him as secret service agent bill kim. i was able to watch seasons 1 and 2 of prison break again (a clear sign of addiction!) and i found bill kim so pro and so annoying that i ended up checking him out. as a result, i found out that the actor who plays the part, reggie lee, is not korean american like bill kim is in the series. reggie lee is a filipino american who can speak tagalog, english, and cantonese.

:: once, when my labmate and i were walking around the campus in diliman, a korean pair stopped us and asked, "do you know the way to the sexy station?" what a question to ask in broad daylight! hala, taymsa og sa dihang naskandalo jud mi sa pangutana -- ding, red light district thoughts. we gave them the benefit of the doubt though. so we had to beg their pardon before we could say something off. it turned out, their question was actually: "do you know the way to the taxi station?" ehehe...

:: my art mentor shared this:

What Money Can't Buy
by Daniel Olsson

Money Can Buy
A job, but not accomplishment.
A house, but not a home.
A pet, but not a friend.
Medicine, but not health.
Decorations, but not happiness.
A ring, but not love.
A book, but not a story.
An education, but not knowledge.
Glasses, but not sight.
Toys, but not fun.
Clothes, but not beauty.
A piano, but not a song.
Paper and pencil, but not words.
A bed, but not sleep.
Food, but not a meal.
A window, but not a view.

:: those who really value the concept of home and family know that flirting with wreckers, in whatever form they come, is a no-no. things that will most likely bring forth the erosion of good relations in the family are not worth it. no matter what one gains, for as long as he/she ends up with a wrecked family (or wrecked family relations) because of his/her actions, he/she ends up losing.

:: we may not always have much but we would always have enough because we have LOVE and FAMILY! and that is why we do great things! with much love, we can do great things.

:: from phd comics: "in academia, never say you have problems. it is a sign of weakness. call them challenges or issues but never problems." uhmmmm... makes sense. renaming problems "issues" or "challenges" will make you feel better and on top of the game. but then again... a problem, by any other name, is a problem.

:: no wonder my labmates wanted me to join them in their naruto craze! but i only got into the wagon just recently, thanks to my sister who borrowed the dvds from our cousin. naruto, the character, is sooooo annoying. i find him so annoying but i always end up rooting for him episode after episode. hahaaaay, the great irony. in this case, "the more you hate, the more you love" applies. my sister and i are planning to watch bleach and one piece next.

:: the most viewed photos in my flickr account:

673 views: yey, they love herbie!*

363 views: indulgence!

:: i managed to accumulate so many pictures in just a short period of time. this is what i realized when i finally got around to organizing my online photo albums in photobucket. i already uploaded close to 2000 photos and i still have to transfer the photo albums i have in friendster and those i hid in multiply and flickr. hala, so now i still have to labor for the fruits of my and my friends' labor (read: "posing and picture-taking").

*about the image: i merely added the texts that say "1960s" and "herbie" to the original herbie photo i found somewhere on the net. the image was used among with images of other 60s vehicles for our dorm's open house early last year.


  1. on money...

    Money can buy me TIME. Let me give you a scenario... Let's say I have 100 million pesos. I invest them in government bonds (risk-free since it's not equity) which will earn a compounded interest of at least 10% per annum. 10% of 100 million is 10 million - siguro naman sapat na yan panggastos ng pamilya mo sa isang taon. So I now have passive income. Now, I don't have to work to earn. I have the option to spend ALL of my time with my family or with activities that I think would make me live life to the fullest.

    That's just an example. I'm not really planning to accumulate 100 million and I'm not exactly thinking of investing in government bonds. But you get the idea.

    For me, having more money gives me more options. I can opt to spend my time with my family, spend my time at work (even if I don't need to work anymore), or just enjoy wasting my time.

    Having less or no money limits us to lesser options. For instance, what if you have a relative who needs a large amount of money for his/her operation? Of course we have other ways like borrowing money from other people. But wouldn't it be something good if you could provide that large amount of money yourself?

    I know someone who experienced having less money. He told me that it pained him to watch his son point at the value meals whenever they pass by Jollibee and he had to tell his son that they couldn't afford it. That was why he decided to get in to business. 3 years and several millions of pesos later, he said his family has never been happier.

    I can share more but I guess my comment is already consuming a lot of space here. I'll just leave you with a quote from one of my favorite speakers...

    "Money can't buy happiness. But it affects everything that affects happiness." -- Bo Sanchez

  2. you don't have to buy time. there's a 24-hour share for each person to spend each day. depends on how you use it, on what you use it. i hold the opinion that in order to have a fulfilled life, there's got to be balance. why buy time when you don't have to?

    all that money talk makes me say it's so "rich dad, poor dad" -- like a book harping. fyi, i've played cashflow101 and was able to get out of the rat race in no time right from the first game. BUT...

    The real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money. ~Author Unknown

    think about that.

    if without money, you're still wealthy, you're really wealthy.

  3. "if without money, you're still wealthy, you're really wealthy"

    I don't know if you'll agree with me but I think that most self-made rich people are really wealthy.

    There is one MSU alumnus who now lives in Commonwealth, QC. He is a millionaire. He owns a corporation and is also a well-respected engineering consultant. Great guy. Meet him and I'm sure you can say the same thing about him.

    That guy that I mentioned back in my first comment... great guy too.

    The problem is... most people think of rich people as Mr. Scrouge - greedy, selfish, busy with work/no time with family, no family, and no one loves him.

    More often than not, it's the opposite. Self-made rich people have great personalities, they're trustworthy, they inspire people to get rich and inspire other people as well, and they are passionate with life. People love them. They know how to get along with any kind of people. They know how to get the best out of people. They're good leaders. They have a winning attitude (attitude determines altitude). They're positive. They bring you up. They're good teachers... or maybe I'm just fanatic about rich people.

    If they actually lost all their money, I can still say that they're wealthy. And I'm sure they could accumulate that amount of material wealth again.


    "in order to have a fulfilled life, there's got to be balance. why buy time when you don't have to?"

    yep, there should be balance.

    but balance has different meanings for different people. for me, working for 8 hours a day for money is not balance. having money work for me and me spending my time on more worthwhile things is balance.

    and yep, you don't really have to buy time if you don't want to. that's the good thing with having more options. and, for me, having more money gives me more options.


    how much are we really worth?

    For me, it's measured in the number of lives we have affected. when a person is wealthy, he can make things happen. he can support a Christian mission in non-Christian countries. He can support charity organizations. He can spend his time in activities that will affect more people. But I'm not saying that if a person is not wealthy then he can't affect the lives of other people. I'm just saying that most of the people I know who positively affected the lives of other people are actually rich.

  4. so what if you've brushed elbows with the noble rich? you think, i haven't?

    the problem is... with all that talk, you're trying to make an impression that i'm demonizing money and that i'm all against moneyed-people. i'm not. you don't have to make a case (or cases) for money and moneyed-people. i just have a way of seeing better things even without money.

    the greater problem is... this is not a forums board and you have been blogging in my blog twice already.

    i welcome comments pero ayoko ng mga umeepal nang umeepal sa blog ng mga may blog. may blog ka naman, doon ka magblog**, wag sa blog ko. kawalan ng netiquette 'yan.

    **(gumawa ka ng isang buong lecture about money kung gusto mo, magsawa ka sa kakasulat -- di ko na problema kung may babasa o wala)

  5. I just wanted to share something. That's all. I saw your point and I respect that. I never intended to make an impression nor did I have the impression that you're demonizing money and that you're all against moneyed-people. I apologize if my comments appeared that way.

  6. Money isnt everything what about health before wealth?



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