"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

saturday high

"So listen, touch, and look around - in the air and on the ground. And if you watch all nature's things,
you might just see a fairy's wing."


i did it again! i did it again!

i went whitewater rafting again. yes, i've just had my second whitewater rafting adventure and it hasn't been a year since i had the first one. so how's that for some summer fun?

whitewater rafting. challenging rapids. cagayan de oro river. easy and hard paddling. happy adventure. wonderful time with friends! woohoo!! high five!!!

i'm tempted to just let the pictures do all the talking but...

last saturday, i got reunited with my p6 friends and with them, i got to navigate through cagayan de oro river's 14 whitewater rapids again. the last time i went whitewater rafting in cagayan de oro, i was with my ids99 gal pals, yoni and haniko. the fee for the adventure then was PhP1200 per head, now it's down to only PhP500. cool deal!

whitewater rafting adventure assembly area
divisoria, cagayan de oro

as early as 7 o'clock, our group was already in divisoria, cagayan de oro city. we -- randz, naoms, kuya eli, ma'am edith, mikmik, ma'am jinx and her twin sons, and i -- were all excited and quite ready for the day's great adventure!

04.28.07 looking ready and just waiting

04.28.07 signing the waiver as if it's a qualifying exam, haha! :-)

04.28.07 we're going, going, going...

from divisoria, our rafting outfitter, cagayan de oro whitewater rafting, inc., took us all the way up to brgy. mambuaya -- the adventure starting point. but first, we made a stopover in macahambus.

04.28.07 macahambus adventure park and us!

04.28.07 3 p6peeps in macahambus: naoms, val, and randz

mambuaya is quite far from cagayan de oro's city proper. but the trip going there is far from boring. as the jeepney goes further uphill and through the narrower country roads, the scenery that unfolds outside the ride is breathtaking.

whitewater rafting adventure starting point
mambuaya, cagayan de oro

when we arrived at our destination in mambuaya, the place was already bustling with activity. there were a lot of other people who decided to also experience whitewater rafting that day. good thing, there's room for everyone there. there was excitement all around and the sight of many other people did not diminish in any way the beauty of the place. there, i really felt that it was a wonderful sunny day -- definitely fit for an awesome adventure with friends!

what fun!!!

04.28.07 wish you were here!

after donning our safety vests and putting on our safety helmets, we were given a brief orientation on the exciting adventure that lay ahead. then, it was time to board the rafts and we soon started our way down the river and paddled through the rapids.

randz, naoms, kuya eli and i shared a raft with our guide, reynold -- if you've seen GMA7's kay susan tayo's feature on whitewater rafting in cagayan de oro earlier this month, you've seen this guy -- yes, he's had his tv exposure! ma'am edith, mikmik, ma'am jinx and the twins boarded another raft with their guide, jund.

despite the dangers of getting the camera wet, i brought the gadget on board our raft. there was no dry bag in sight so i placed it, along with my cellphone, inside an ordinary plastic bag and kept it in my safety vest's pouch. hehehe.

04.28.07 snapshots of us while navigating through calm waters

navigating 12.32 km of cagayan de oro river in a raft and conquering all 14 major rapids (and several minor ones) was exhilarating! from the first to the last whitewater, my friends and i enjoyed the adventure a lot -- as you can see in the pictures, all the good and happy feelings are written on our faces. our whitewater rafting experience was worth all the "mishaps"!

mishap #1
there were times that our guide permitted us to go overboard to happily swim in the river and to allow the relatively strong current to carry us downstream. of course, everytime we were given permission, overboard we went!

04.28.07 weehee!

there's this exciting part where the current directs the swimmer towards a wall of rock. randz gagged going through that part after a swimmer from behind him kicked him and the water pulled him downward -- he went underwater despite the safety vest he was wearing.

fortunately, he survived to tell his story. hehe.

mishap #2
kuya eli fell off the raft as we navigated through one of the rapids. i think he forgot to "lock" his feet. good thing, he was able to rejoin us without bruises and scratches. actually, it was a "haha" moment. as his body was thrown forward, he looked as if he wasn't going to fall all the way but he fell into the water, anyway. nyehehehe... kay nganong nagbinam-i?

i could still hear what naoms said oh-so-amusedly: "one down!"

mishap #3
while i was able to keep my camera dry, my cellphone got accidentally thrown into the water.

i went swimming in the river and survived the exciting wall-of-rock phase with both the camera and my cellphone secured inside the ordinary plastic bag i kept in my vest's front pouch. talk about being relentless and reckless! soon after we all got on board the raft again and felt the urge to take more pictures, i checked my gadgets -- minions, i call them -- and got so pleased that they're still dry after all. yehoo!!! so we took more pictures... posed for the camera... and in my excitement, my arm accidentally swept my cellphone away. the gadget fell where water freely seeped through our raft. yes, my minion went swimming, too! the consequence? both the front panel and the keypad got disengaged from the main frame, lcd panel's wet, battery's wet, internals're most likely wet -- definitely a very wet cellphone!

04.28.07 so what if my phone got wet? ;-P

mishap #4
at one point during the second time we were allowed to swim around, i had to struggle to keep water from going up my nose. i kicked the water hard and in the process, hit something else... hard. i soon had the idea what i hit with my kick when randz, who was swimming near me, shouted out in real pain, "aray! val---, imong nasipaan ang ako!! waaaaa... malumos ko dinhi sa kasakit!!!"

"ay, sorry gud. wala jud nako tuyo-a. hala ka, sorry. sorry jud."

not missing a beat, naoms said, "decide unsa'y buhaton, randz, scrambled or sunny-side up?"

i said, "taymsa. ngano diay? pila diay ang nadisgrasya? isa or duha? pwede man tingali scrambled ang isa tapos sunny-side up ang isa pa." hihihi...

randz told us to stop making everyone laugh. but he was actually the one who started laughing. and laughter is contagious, you know. besides, pain or no pain, it was a laugh trip!

04.28.07 hmmm... rafting models?

there were other "mishaps"-turned-funny moments. for instance, we got stalled in one of the major rapids because one of us forgot to paddle with the rest. instead of heeding the "forward" command given out by our guide, randz just kept shouting "woohoo" as our raft encountered the turbulent waters. result? the rapids got the better of us and our raft hit a rock -- hard!! all five of us in the raft were thrown forward and randz and kuya eli almost fell off. had their bodies left the raft that time, it would have been a second fall for kuya eli. hahaha!!!

most of the 14 rapids already have names: makabundol (so named because of all the rocks there and all the potential risks of bumping into them). washing machine (so named because the most fun manoeuvre in that part of the river is to make the raft go spinning). chris' drop (so named because a guy named chris fell there). pasyon sa dalit (just because. the guide did not explain why). kiss the wall (so named because the most likely mishap in this part of the river is hitting the wall). brave's way (so named because the other way is fit for the not so brave ones). bernie (so named because a guy named bernie lives nearby. in fact, we saw bernie sitting on the riverbank soon after we passed by!). paolo santos (so named because paolo santos fell there). surprise (so named because of the "surprising" nature of the rapids in that part of the river). amusing names.

04.28.07 our river adventure's final pitstop: kabula, cagayan de oro

after our rafting adventure, we -- mikmik and the twins, naoms, kuya eli, and i -- went wallclimbing. actually, the wallclimbing activity wasn't part of the plan. just the same. like our whitewater rafting experience, it sent our adrenaline rushing and we had fun, fun, fun!!

04.28.07 one challenge after the other: down the river then up the wall

noooooooooooooo, wallclimbing made my arms hurt!

i told naoms that next time she should remind me not to go wallclimbing after a 3-hour paddling/rafting adventure. it's too much for the arms.

a rafting adventure should be followed by another rafting adventure, not a wallclimbing session. hehe.


(1) account of my first whitewater rafting adventure in cagayan de oro is here.

(2) my phone's still working. however, i'm experiencing problems with the navigation key as a result of the gadget's unfortunate encounter with water... here's hoping i'll be able to fix it on my own.

(3) some of the photos that appear in this post are from kuya eli's camera.

(4) dili lagi ko laagan. samoka sab ninyo oi.


  1. another very long blog entry. infernez nice kaayo ang color combination sa imohang long sleeves plus life vest plus helmet. wahahaha! :p

  2. yep, another very long blog entry — i bet you didn’t read everything. hehehe. am i right?

    re: colors… o nga noh? candy colors. hihi.

  3. hmmm.. suya ko da.. sunod val uban nko ninyo or sa batanes na ta heheh

  4. actually, mao na siya purpose sa blog entry, mic. para pasuyaon ka. hahaha. joke lang... dala tinuod. LOL!

    kanang skwela-skwela, sagabal jud na sa laag-laag.

    yep, dapat makakuyog jud ka sa mga future laag, ma-batanes or hong kong or... wherever ang pwede nato maabtan.

  5. Talagang nag-eenjoy ka sa ah. Gala dito, gala doon. Okay yan.

    Ang pangutana: asa na pud ka kaha sa sunod? Kalami sa imuhang adventures oy. :)

  6. hehe. i have the will to go places -- far, far places, kwarta ray kulang nako... so every opportunity na makalaag na dili ra kaayo gastos (or no gastos at all!!), go jud ko (at least, i try to).

    re: asa na pud ka kaha sa sunod?... good question. asa na pud kaha ko sa sunod?

  7. i see sir eli! eheh... summer adventures... haaay..that's the life..^^

  8. dugay na kau ko ngari CDO but wa pjud ko ka rafting. hehehe.

    caterpillar, bantayan ta? hehehe.

  9. since you’re already in CDO, do the kweba de oro rappelling adventure. i want to do that also but the right time for me to do that is yet to come.

    bantayan? as in cebu b? waaah. gusto pud ko ana. patay, nagkataas na akong listahan.

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  11. Great post, I had so much fun reading, the thrills and mishaps on the rafting part. I would definitely try the rafting again, never going to get enough of it.


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