"a caterpillar doesn't just grow into a butterfly. a caterpillar must undergo metamorphosis, and a cocoon is where a caterpillar risks it all: enters total chaos, undergoes total rebuilding, and is born to a new way of living. only in taking the risk of entering that inert cocoon can the caterpillar go from dormancy to potency, from ugliness to beauty."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

obligatory post

"I would hurl words into this darkness and wait for an echo, and if an echo sounded, no matter how faintly, I would send other words to tell, to march, to fight, to create a sense of hunger for life that gnaws in us all."
--Richard Wright

i know. it's been awhile since i last updated this blog and today can't wait. in just a few hours, this territory of mine in blogosphere will be on its fourth year of existence.

how time flies, eh?

i'm happy caterpillartalk is still up and running. here and here.


  1. meh..im more than happy.whenever i open my pc it has been a practice to visit ur blog..i find it entertaining and informative as well...with all ur wits its transparent in ur blog...u did a good job in this! carry on :)


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